What Is Considered A Hard Freeze

You’re well aware of freezing weather, but do you know what is considered a hard freeze and how lethal it is to your garden? 

What Is A Hard Freeze?

There are 3 stages of winter temperatures: frost, freeze, and hard freeze.

The light freeze occurs at 32°F to 29°F and doesn’t cause significant harm to your garden. Delicate vegetation like crops might suffer some damage. Of course, you need to protect your plants; bring the potted ones indoors, but the hardy plants will manage outside just as well.

What Is Considered A Light Freeze

Hard Freeze Meaning

While frost is essentially the condensation and freezing of moisture in the air, a hard freeze can happen without a trace.

We can’t predict hard freeze. It’s evident that it happens as soon as temperatures drop below 30°F but following the weather forecast is your best bet.

When Can You Expect Hard Freeze

USDA Hardiness zones 2 to 7 have a history of low winter temperatures, so they’re most likely to experience a hard freeze.

Which Zones Experience Hard Freeze

Hardy crops don’t have trouble surviving mild winter in your garden. In fact, some of them, like peas, should be planted right before the freeze.

Your Garden and The Freeze Weather

Even light freeze takes its toll on all crops above ground. However, hard freeze causes damage beyond repair.

Plants That Need Protection

Have You Considered Protecting Your Garden From Hard Freeze?

Protecting your crops is a must, even if most of them are hardy. Use mulch to insulate the roots and ground around the plant. 

Freeze damage is characterized differently in each plant. Even if they’re perennials, tender crops won’t survive a hard freeze. Hardy crops, as well as roots, can suffer root damage. 

Can You Save A Plant After Hard Freeze?

The hard freeze happens when temperatures fall below 28 and stay in the low twenties for over 2 or 4 hours. The hard freeze, unlike the frost, it’s extremely damaging and can kill off a significant part of the vegetation in your garden.


What Is Considered A Hard Freeze