What Is The Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance Level?

The aloe vera temperature tolerance level is high compared to other common plants that easily die from too high or low weather conditions.

Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance – Aloe Vera Cold Hardiness

When the temperature starts to drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during winter, your aloe plant starts to struggle.  These plants naturally retain plenty of water, making them intolerant to freezing temperatures. 

Aloe vera is not a cold-hardy plant and will die when exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees for a prolonged time.  Frost and hard freeze both destroy this plant to the point of death.

What Temp Kills Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance – Aloe Vera Cold Shock

Aloe vera cold shock is a burn that occurs when the aloe plant is subjected to freezing conditions that are too tough for it to withstand.  Generally, aloe thrives in warm, arid conditions due to its ability to hold more water in its leaves.

In sunny and warm areas, you can grow aloes outdoors, and they will thrive.  Aloe also grows faster outdoors than indoors because it receives a lot of sunlight for most of the day.  

Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance – Is Aloe Vera Indoor Or Outdoor?

Aloe appreciates a good deal of light but does not like direct sunlight for too many hours. Direct sunlight dehydrates the plant too much, leaving the leaves dry and yellow.

Does Aloe Vera Need Full Sun?

Can We Keep The Aloe Vera Plant In The Bedroom?

Aloe vera is one of the best bedroom plants that help purify the air.  This plant emits plenty of oxygen at night, helping you sleep better.

Aloe vera temperature tolerance is way better than other plants as it has the advantage to survive both indoors and outdoors.  Aloe is a magnificent plant that has its beauty and enough health benefits; it’s like growing an entire pharmacy in your home.


What Is The Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance Level?