What is the Right Way to Cut Lettuce from the Garden

Lettuce is a scrumptious leafy vegetable that works great in salads or on burgers, so it makes sense that gardeners would want a supply to keep their lettuce leaves fresh and ready for cooking.

1. Cutting Lettuce to Fully Remove

Cutting lettuce to take it from the garden is a simple task since this vegetable is uncomplicated. The first step is to make sure the plant is full-sized but hasn’t quite matured, as this is when the leaves are the most tender.

Once the scissors are ready, cut the lettuce leaves at 1 in. above the crown, so the leaves can continue to grow with the inch left behind. To further preserve the plant, try to only cut the lettuce when the leaves are between 3 and 6 in. long.

2. Cutting Lettuce to Grow All Year

What is the Right Way to Cut Lettuce from the Garden

Cutting and cleaning lettuce should be easy, and you can be in and out of the garden and kitchen in less than half an hour. Just be sure to know your variety well and you can enjoy crisp and refreshing salads, burgers, and garnishes from the comfort of your own home with produce you grew yourself.