What Temperature is too Cold for Plants?

Most gardeners across America ask what temperature is too cold for plants to know what care to give their plants as the weather changes.

What Help Do Gardeners Have?

The United States Department of Agriculture offers a map showing annual extreme minimum temperatures for different locations across the U.S. Gardeners should use this ...

Many of the plants grown across America originated from the semi-tropical or tropic regions.  If they are exposed to cold temperatures, they can easily die  ...

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Plants?

* Plant wilting * Leaf discoloration * Black foliage * Droopy leaves * Loose root ball

Effects of Cold In Plants

How to Protect Plants From Frost?

The first and foremost thing to do is choose plants native to the area or hardy specimens that can adapt to the climate. When planting in your garden, try to get ...

In the summer and spring, months put your potted plants outside on your porch or patio and bring them in during winter.  However, what is the right time to bring them in? ...

Bring potted plants inside

If you cannot bring your plants indoors, then you will need to cover them to protect them from cold.  Use black-colored plastic to cover your plants, not a clear one.

Covering outdoor plants

What Temperature is too Cold for Plants?

If your plant suffers from cold damage, it does not mean it is going to die.  You can still move it to a warmer area and give it time to recover from the shock and adjust to the new surroundings.