What To Cover Plants With From Freezing Temperatures

Many outdoor plants don’t do so well under freezing conditions. This is why as a responsible gardener; it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your plants protected during winter. Frost harms your plants when ice crystals form on plant cells. 

1. Mulch It

It is a good preventive measure to keep your plants dry during the winter months. It functions as an insulator that helps to trap moisture and heat in the soil. Use mulch to keep the root system of your plants from freezing temperatures. 

A frost blanket is not only good for keeping you warm; it can also protect your plants from the cold too. An old blanket or cover cloth can help to protect tender plants from extreme freezing temperatures. When making use of a blanket to protect your plants, you want to ensure that you spread it carefully so as not to damage the plant. 

2. Use a Blanket

If you can, build a greenhouse or a cold frame to keep your plants protected from freezing temperatures. This you can easily do by bending lean metal rods into a disk shape and burying the ends into the ground. This should be done across a garden row to ensure tightness. 

3. Build a Green House 

4.Water Your Plants

Water can act as a cover for your plant during cold weather. Heavily watered soil has the ability to trap in heat compared to when the soil is dry. The slow evaporation of the plant helps to heat the air around your plants.

You can also protect potted plants from freezing temperatures by simply taking them indoors. This is the easiest possible solution to protect your potted plants from extreme winter weather. 

5. Take Potted Plants Indoors

What To Cover Plants With From Freezing Temperatures

Freezing winter temperatures are not only unfriendly to the human skin, but it also has a negative effect on your plants’ health. While there isn’t much you can do about the weather condition, you can take some preventive measures to keep your plants safe from the cold.