What To Do With Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plants

It is common to see sunburnt aloe vera plants where they have been left out under too much sun for a long time.

Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plants Symptoms

Some signs can tell if your aloe vera plant is getting too much sunlight. They include: – Dry soil – Yellow foliage – Brown leave – Leaf sport – Browning of the leaf tip

Yes, the aloe vera plant can recover from sunburn naturally by providing lesser direct bright light and a little more watering. It may lose some foliage, but overall the aloe vera plant will recover from the sunburns.

Can An Aloe Plant Recover From Sunburn?

Should I Remove Brown Aloe Leaves From The Plant?

One way to handle this is to trim off the tips of your aloe leaves that have turned reddish-brown. Another way you can handle the browning of leaves is by trying to revive the whole plant.

The aloe vera plant is one of the most resilient succulents to grow outdoors and indoors. It survives harsh conditions, including direct sunlight and infrequent watering, but there is a limit for that too.


What To Do With Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plants