What's The Difference? Macho Fern Vs Boston Fern

Macho fern vs Boston Fern? Which is your choice? Let us have a look at these two ferns and compare them.

No. They are in the same genus but are different species.

Is a macho fern the same as a Boston fern?

How do you identify a Boston fern?

Pull it up. If it has root nodules it is either a Boston fern or a closely related species. Then look at the leaves.

It is a large sword fern with the species name Nephrolepis biserrata. These are beautiful, tough ferns.

What type of fern is a macho fern?

What fern looks like a Boston fern?

The Boston fern looks similar to the highly invasive sword fern Nephrolepis cordifolia.

Both can really become a pest, but the second is more invasive.

I find that the Boston fern seems to have a more invasive nature with these spores.

What's The Difference? Macho Fern Vs Boston Fern

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