When Are Strawberries Ready To Pick?

How do you know when strawberries are ready to pick or not? What signs do you look out for, what color should the fruits be?  Let’s learn together!

When Are Strawberries Ready To Pick

Strawberry plants come in three types, and this determines when to pick them. They include:

This strawberry type bears fruit all at once for 3 weeks in June.

June Bearing Varieties

Unlike the June bearing type, Everbearing varieties produce a significant crop during the spring season, producing a little in the summer and late fall.

Everbearing Varieties

This variety produces fruit continuously through the season until the first frost appears. 

Neutral Day Varieties

Strawberry plants create a flowering stalk called an inflorescence. The inflorescence contains a cluster of individual flowers that are uniquely formed in each flower in stock.

The Growth Stages Of Strawberries Before They Are Ready To Pick

How To Know When Strawberries Are Ripe

Picking strawberries should happen only when you are sure they are ripe. 

As you grow strawberries in your garden or pots, you need to understand the correct way to harvest. Strawberries are usually ready for the first 4 to 6 weeks after the plant blossoms.

How To Harvest Strawberries When Ready To Pick

Now that you understand when to pick strawberries, you must also learn how to store them.

Storing Freshly Picked Strawberries

The next time a fellow gardener asks you when a strawberry is ready to pick, let them know you can only have faced them when they are entirely red and have a firm skin.


When Are Strawberries Ready To Pick?