When Are Tomatoes Ready To Pick

Ever wondered when are tomatoes ready to pick or you just started picking yours without the slightest idea of when you should harvest them?

When Are Tomatoes Ready To Pick

Fully grown green tomatoes emit a gas known as Ethylene gas.  Inside a mature green tomato, two growth hormones change causing the production of the gas.  This gas ages the cells of fruit resulting in softening and loss of the green color turning into a red shade.

It is pretty basic to harvest the tomato fruit. Start from the bottom of the tomato plant where the plants begin to ripen Lightly squeeze the fruits to test the firmness If you notice the first bloom of red appearing on the skin, harvest the fruit Grasp the fruit firmly but gently and pull from the plant.  ... 

How To Harvest The Tomato Fruit

Although it is tempting to leave the fruit on the plant in order to enjoy the ripe vine tomato, there are risks attached to that.  Most gardeners have experienced that moment when they waited a day longer and regretted doing so.