When Do Rhododendrons Bloom?

Before you plant or prepare your garden, you need to know when do rhododendrons bloom and how long their bloom lasts.

Characteristics Of Rhododendrons And Azaleas Bloom

Rhododendrons have fewer stems while azaleas have more Azaleas are always evergreen while rhododendrons are ...

There are so many different types of rhododendrons and blooming times occur at different points throughout the year.  It is common for most species of rhododendrons to bloom in spring while others in the fall and even winter.

When Do Rhododendrons Bloom?

Just as the blooming seasons vary, the length of time that a rhododendron bloom also varies.  The amount of time it takes for this flower to grow from a bud to full bloom averages 3 weeks. 

So How Long Does A Rhododendron Bloom Last?

Can You Prolong A Rhododendron Bloom?

Even though these flowers have a decent long blooming season, unlike any other flowers, you may want to prolong their flowering so you enjoy them more. 

1. Rhododendron Pleasant White – This variety is a dwarf, evergreen rhododendron with white flowers and does well in containers, a semi-shady border, or a small garden. 2. Rhododendron Scintillation – This large shrub grows well over 2mans produces apricot and pink blooms that are very exotic and brightens up any area in part shade. 3. ...

Rhododendrons Varieties To Grow

Now that you have learned a thing or two about the rhododendrons bloom, it’s time to grow them and expect a longer blooming period of these beautiful flowers.