When Is Kale Ready For Harvest?

When is kale ready for harvest and how do you harvest it are questions most gardeners ask that we will answer in this article.

When Is Kale Ready To Harvest?

The timing and methods you use depend on the kind of kale you are growing.  You could be growing plants for baby greens or mature leaves, these two take different timings.

It is important to note that all kales are harvested in the same way.

How To Harvest-Ready Kale

Take hold of the stem of a mature leaf plant right at the base and pull the main stalk.  Pull it down and out until it breaks but be gentle not to break the stem.  Repeat the process until you have enough kales for your use.

For Mature Plants

For Baby Kale

If you grow baby kales for salad, they will be ready in a few days.  Harvest them by pinching them individual leaves with your fingers at the base of the stem.  

Many people who grow kale dislike eating it maturely because it is crunchy and dry.  What they don’t know us they can make it softer by massaging it before cooking it to make it more soft and tasty.