When Is The Best Time To Plant Blueberries?

The best time to plant blueberries is a must-know for every gardener who is looking to grow these berries.

When do you plant blueberries? – During the fall or the spring?

The Best Time To Plant Blueberries

Most experts recommend planting blueberries in the early spring or the fall as your preferred planting time.

Fall Planting

Planting your blueberry bushes in the spring allows your plants to begin growing in keeping with the natural seasonal patterns.

Spring Planting

Blueberries Varieties You Can Plant At The Right Time

Blueberries are partially self-fertile, so you will get larger berries if you plant two or more varieties together.

This is a 6 ft shrub that grows in USDA zones 4 to 7. If you want a variety that withstands cold winters choose Blu-ray, Blue crop, Meander, or Herbert Jersey ...

The High Bush

This variety is best for the coldest climate and USDA hardiness zones from zone 3 to 7.

The Low Bush

The Half High

The half-high variety results from the highbush and lowbush blueberries producing this hybrid known as the half-high blueberries.

Southern highbush. The south highbush varieties tend to be harder and pick here to grow.  Rabbiteye. This variety grows in the Southern Eastern United States, and it is exceptionally adaptable, productive, and pest tolerant.  

The Best Blueberries For Southern Gardens In Zone 7 To 9

Now that we know when to plant blueberries, it is also essential to learn how to plant them.

How To Plant Blueberries At The Right Time

Blueberries are still offered to a loved one in Ireland to commemorate the original fertility festival of laminas day celebrated on August 1st.


When Is The Best Time To Plant Blueberries?