When Is The Hottest Part Of The Day?

Determining the hottest time of day largely depends on the time of year.  It also depends on where you are located on this planet earth.

What Is The Hottest Part Of The Day?

There is a misconception with most people believing that the warmest time of the day is noon. It may feel hotter at noontime simply because we are getting the most energy from the sun at that time.

 Direct Sunlight - approximately at noon.  Diurnal Cycle - creating night and day.  Thermal Response - when the surface of the Earth starts to heat.  Variables - day is determined by different variables.

What Determines The Hottest Time Of The Day?

Important Information To Note

Although it is easy for most people to assume the hottest time of the day occurs when the sun is projecting the most beams onto the Earth, this is not the case.

Science is complicated, and only with many studies can we break it down to our level of understanding.  The information has broken it down so well to help every person understand it and relate to it the best way they want to.


When Is The Hottest Part Of The Day?