When To Dig Up Potatoes? – A Clear Guide

Knowing when to dig up potatoes and how to store them after harvesting helps gardeners get the best out of their farms with plenty of harvests.

How To Tell It’s Time To Dig Up Potatoes?

Potatoes are harvested according to the season they were planted and how the owner wants to eat them.  Some harvest them as new, old, or matured.

The best time to harvest potatoes is in the fall or early winter but it depends on when planting took place. Potatoes tolerate light frost but when hard frost is expected, ...

When To Dig Up Potato

Now that you have your potatoes harvested, brush off excess dirt before storing them indoors.  Once done store them in a cool dark and dry place away from direct light.

Storing The Dug Up Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes

Potatoes are one of America’s favorite vegetables.  Each year, every American person consumes about 125 pounds of potatoes.  Potatoes are naturally healthy, they are fat-free ...

When To Dig Up Potatoes? – A Clear Guide

Potatoes are a staple food to Americans, and most gardeners love to grow their own.  Knowing how to grow, and harvest your own is important to give you plenty to enjoy throughout winter.