When To Plant A Peach Tree

Peaches or Prunus persica are the longest cultivated fruits but do you know when to plant a peach tree? This tree originates from China and has been cultivated for at least 4,000 years.

How To Grow A Peach Tree

• Freestone, which produces delicious edible fresh fruits that are ready to eat straight off the tree. • Clingstone produces fruits that are firmer and traditionally used for canning and preserving.

When planting any tree, it is important to remember that the young tree will become a large mature tree one day. This can mean a whole 20-foot tree or larger for a peach tree.  Put this into consideration and choose your planting site carefully.


When To Plant A Peach Tree

Ensure the planting hole is as deep as the plant’s root ball and 2 to 3 times bigger than its width.  If the plant you receive is root-bound, gently loosen the tightly bound roots and clip some of the roots to help loosen them.

 • Prepare your container planting mix before planting, and half fill it. •  Water your plants thoroughly before potting. •  Gently take the plant and loosen the root ball.   • Position the plant in the centre of the container and fill with the planting mix leaving at least 3cm from the top.

Plant A Peach Tree In A Container

Soak your plants in a bucket of organic solution before transplanting them to help them overcome transplant shock, giving them a healthy boost.  Even for grafted plants, it’s advisable to follow this method of soaking your plants.

Planting Peaches In The Garden

 • Peaches prefer a soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0.  Before planting, amend your soil accordingly to ensure the peach tree gets its best start. •  Spacing is crucial when planting trees. Trees require room to stretch out their branches as they grow into maturity.

The Best Soil For Peach & The Proper Spacing

•  Feed your peach trees in spring and summer with a balanced fertilizer or a slow feeding fertilizer that can feed your trees for about 6 months. •  It is essential to prune peaches annually in late summer to early autumn after fruiting.  

Fertilize &  Pruning

The beauty of growing your own peaches is the fact that you get to eat your fruit fresh off your tree. You no longer have to get your peaches from the grocery store around the corner; rather, you will have enough to enjoy and share with your neighbours and friends.


When To Plant A Peach Tree