When To Plant Creeping Phlox

Once you know when to plant creeping phlox, you can go ahead and get it going but be sure to wait until the soil is warm enough before planting.

Garden Phlox – This is an upright fragrant flower that grows to about 3 feet tall.  It blooms in the mid-summer producing large flower clusters that have a light pleasant fragrance. Creeping Phlox – This is a low-growing groundcover with foliage that forms an attractive mat-like structure after the bloom.  This type blooms in spring and looks great when mixed with other spring-blooming bulbs like daffodils, and tulips.

Phlox Types

Planting In Spring:  If your plant arrives in the spring, keep it moist in the container until your ground is ready for planting.  Hold off on spring planting until the soil is free from melted snow and ice and the soil is warm and ready to work. Planting In Fall:  If you receive your plant in the fall, keep it for few days until it’s ready to plant. But you must watch out not to let the roots dry out.  Be sure to plant a few weeks before your first frost arrives.

Best Time To Plant Creeping Phlox

Soil –Phlox is tolerant to most garden soils but it thrives in well-drained soils particularly in the Northern areas where spring is snow drains slowly. Light – Both varieties of phlox love to enjoy full sun, although the garden phlox can take a little shade in the afternoon. Spacing – Garden phlox should be planted about 18 inches apart while creeping phlox should be planted about 2 feet apart.

What Are The Right Conditions For Creeping Phlox Planting?

When To Plant Creeping Phlox

Every garden needs a dash of color in spring and the easiest way to get yours is by planting creeping phlox. Taking care of this perennial is easy that’s why most people grow it.