When To Plant Hyacinths

Hyacinths are beautiful plants that are amongst the favorites of many gardeners, but new gardeners often wonder when to plant hyacinths.

General Information

Hyacinths usually have a violet, sometimes a pale blue flower. However, you can nowadays find them in many colors, ranging from pink to white, because of selective breeding. They usually stand at eight inches and develop a very strong scent!

Experts say that the rule of thumb is the frosts! You should plant them after the first frost, but before the ground completely freezes. Some people wonder can you plant hyacinths in the spring. It’s best not to, as they won’t grow as nearly as successful as they would if they were planted in autumn.

When And How To Plant Hyacinths

Where To Plant Hyacinths

Hyacinths are beautiful plants of wonderful coloring, so they can really be a great addition to any part of your home. However, many professional gardeners have their favorite spots to plant these beautiful plants in.

The number one thing is watering. These plants are vulnerable to overwatering and they do not like to be watered in excess. It’s best to water them once the soil is completely dry. 

Caring for Hyacinths

Once the blooming period has passed and your hyacinths are done with flowering, it’s best to remove the blooms without removing the foliage. The reason you want to keep the leaves is that the leaves are needed for the bulbs to collect energy. 

Blooming And Aftercare

To sum up, hyacinths are beautiful plants that bloom in mid-spring and it’s best to plant them in mid to late autumn. These plants let off a powerful, yet beautiful scent that’s very easy to sense. 


When To Plant Hyacinths