When To Plant Impatiens For Best Results

You’ve done your research, you know which flowers thrive in the shade, but the main question persists – when to plant impatiens to get the best results? 

Impatiens Flowers – The Effortless Star Of Your Garden

Impatiens are annual plants native to Africa, but you can find them in Eurasia and North America.

Planting impatiens at the right time will result in blooming bushes all summer long. They propagate easily from cutouts and even seeds, but you can also get them rooted from a garden center.

When To Plant Impatiens

Impatiens prefer partial or full shade. They’re ideal for bringing some color to the shady parts of your garden.

Best Location

Plant your impatiens in springtime, after the last frost. Make sure to check your local weather forecast.

Ideal Season

You might find it surprising that impatiens are perennial. 

Are Impatiens Biennial

How Far Apart To Plant Impatiens

Depending on what look you’re aiming for, you can plant impatiens closer or further apart.

 bushy blooming impatience is a sight you’d love to see in your garden. Unfortunately, during midseason, the impatience might lose its glow due to many spent flowers. Take your scissors and cut the stems right below the spent flowers. This encourages new blooms.

How To Make Impatiens Bushy

Picking the right time to plant the impatiens is as essential as providing proper care later. 

Impatiens Flower Care: Do’s And Don’ts

Along with the most common type, there are also some rare impatiens kinds you can only find in certain areas of North America.

Different Types Of Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens are native to Africa, so naturally, they require a warm climate. It’s best to plant them in spring after all dangers of frost have gone. They make perfect flowerbeds and border plants.


When To Plant Impatiens For Best Results