When To Plant Radish – The Right Time

Radishes are colorful root vegetables that are easy to grow and you can plant them multiple times but do you know when to plant radish?

Quick Facts For Radish

* Radishes thrive in cooler conditions and can withstand cold weather ...

Radishes have their seasons for both the early and late crops.  Sow an early crop in February in warm soil and protect with cloches.

When Do You Plant Radishes?

Growing Site. Radishes thrive in full or partial sun. Planting Time.  Radishes are a cool-weather crop. Planting And Spacing.  Sow you radish at least ½ inch deep and 1 inch apart. Container Growing.  Radishes can be grown in containers at least 6 inches 14 cm deep. Plant Radish with Companion Plants ...

How To Plant Your Radish

Watering and Feeding Radishes.  Water your radish adequately but not too wet. Sunlight.  Radishes require sun; however, you can cover in midsummer so that they only get 8 hours of sunlight rather than 12 hours. Eliminate Pests.  Radish grows very fast and pests are not a common problem.

Caring For Radishes

If you plant your radishes in spring, they require about 20 to 30 days to reach the harvest time.

Harvesting Radish

Where Can You Plant Radish?

Because of their growth speed and size, radishes can be grown anywhere. These root vegetables will be ready to enjoy in as little as 4 weeks.

Radishes love full sun but do well in part shade as well.  In a hot climate, they prefer full shade especially in the height of summer. During this season, keep the soil moist and you will get a good harvest in no time.