When To Plant Weeping Cherry Tree

Do you know when is the right time to plant a weeping cherry tree within your region is or are you seeking that information?...

When To Plant A Weeping Cherry Tree

The weeping tree is best planted in the spring season.  Though you can plant it nearly any time of the year, those planted in the spring bloom at the right time...

1. Choose The Right Spot 2. Prepare The Holes 3. Plant Your Tree 4. Staking For Support

How To Plant The Weeping Cherry Tree

1. Watering 2. Fertilizing 3. Pruning 4. Pests And Diseases

Ongoing Care for the Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree


Long-term care for this tree is nothing much as this tree is carefree and can survive with less maintenance.  The most important part is watering about once or twice per week as a general rule of thumb...

For the first couple of years keep the weeds under control around your tree.  By the third year, fertilize your weeping cherry tree with a nitrogen blend.  Apply your nitrogen blend in the spring or spread the blend into 2 to 4 equal applications through the spring and summer seasons.


Most gardeners fear the pruning process – it’s easy.  All you need to do is to remove any old faded flowers to promote new growth in the following season. Prune your tree during dormancy especially in winter to remove dead or diseased branches...


When To Plant Weeping Cherry Tree

Once grown, the weeping cherry tree does not require much care. It is drought-resistant, heat tolerant, and stands up to snow and ice.  If you experience low temperatures below -10 degrees, use a frost blanket to protect your tree...