Where Do Lilacs Grow? – A Discovery

Since the 1500s, lilacs have stood out as some of the most revered flowers for their abundant flower clusters, but where do lilacs grow?

Where Do Lilacs Grow?

Lilacs do well in cold climates but some cultivars have been introduced to grow in warmer climates.

Common lilacs are the old-fashioned lilacs that grow the biggest flowers with the best fragrance and longer-lasting blooms.

Lilacs For Zone 5 to 7

If you ever want to grow lilacs in this zone, look beyond the common classic lilacs to the newer cultivars.  With a little effort, your lilacs can thrive in USDA zones 8 and 9.

Lilacs For Zone 9

Little Known Facts About Lilacs

Lilac was an integral part of the story of the forest and fields gods (Pan) in the ancient Greeks.

The common lilac requires minimal care to thrive.  Here are some critical things you need to give it: Full or Partial Sunlight.  Plant your lilac in a spot that attracts at least 6 hours of full sun every day. Moist, Well-drained Soils.  Common lilacs thrive in loamy, moist, well-drained, and neutral to slightly alkaline soils ...

Caring For The Common Lilacs As They Grow

Lilacs come in many different varieties, do not shy away from trying new varieties to see how they perform in your zone. Moreover, once they bloom, you can enjoy these beauties as they brighten up your dull day.  Have a lilac-full day, won’t you?