Where Does Black Pepper Come From?

Have you wondered what does black pepper come from? Black pepper is one of the most popular spices on the planet, with many wondering where does black pepper comes from.

Does Black Pepper Come From Pepper Trees?

The peppercorn is actually the fruit of the plant. Pepper is what we know as a spice. Since people often confuse pepper (as in paprika) and pepper (as in spice), it’s now understood that peppercorn refers to the spice, while pepper refers to the plant.

Some people opt for growing their own peppercorns instead of buying pepper. You can easily grow them from seed if you’d like and make your own pepper.

Growing Your Own Peppercorns

Planting Peppercorn

To do this, firstly choose the seed you’re going to plant. Many different suppliers offer different seeds and they usually vary in taste.

They’re very vulnerable to cold, and they can’t stand temperatures under 18 degrees Celsius. Among many other health benefits, it’s thought that black pepper helps control cholesterol, pain, inflammation and it might help your memory.


Where Does Black Pepper Come From?