Where Does Pepper Grow?

Where does pepper grow– In the garden, in the wild, in cold countries or Did I hear someone say from the store?...

What Is A Peppercorn Plant?

Peppercorn plant is a perennial, slow-growing, woody perennial flowering vine, which takes about 4 years to mature to bloom and fruiting size...

Most gardeners have always wondered where does black pepper come from?  Today you will be privileged to learn all about it. The black pepper plant is native to South India.  It is extensively grown in India and other tropical regions like Myanmar, Brazil, and Indonesia...

Where Does Pepper Grow?

1. Soil 2. Light 3. Water 4. Fertilizer 5. Temperature And Humidity 6. Mulching 7. Controlling Pests And Diseases

Caring For The Pepper You Grow


Peppercorn plants need rich soil with hummus to retain moisture.  The soil must also have good drainage to release the water and not hold it.  Heavy soils like clay cause root rot and the death of the plant.  Use a light potting mix to amend your heavy soil or add leaf mold or compost as well.

Peppercorn should receive full light. The vines need the sun’s energy to produce fruits and flowers.  In a greenhouse or indoors, partial sunlight is suitable for healthy growth.


Do not allow your peppercorn plant to dry out. This plant does not like drying out, therefore, water it every time the surface feels dry.


Where Does Pepper Grow?

To recap our article, pepper is the most common and used spice in the world.  It has existed for thousands of years yet it still provides a flavor that no other spice can...