Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow

If you have cucumber plants in your garden and you are wondering why they are turning yellow. You might want to take a look at this guide.

Reasons Why Your Cucumbers are Turning Yellow

It can be pretty disappointing when your cucumbers turn yellow, orange, and ugly. When this happens, you should throw them away because they are bitter and not healthy for consumption.

Unsuccessful pollination can cause your cucumbers to turn yellow. Usually, the female flower bears a small cucumber-like fruit with a flower at the top. Note that this is just the female flower with an ovary at the bottom and not a growing cucumber. This female flower will need to be pollinated by the male flower (pollen grains) which is also on the same line with the female flower...

Pollination Issues

Water Inconsistency: Cucumber plants do love water. But when there is too much water in your cucumber plants, it can cause your cucumbers to grow fast, turn yellow and create mildew. Mosaic Virus: The mosaic virus can cause your cucumber fruits to turn yellow and taste bitter.

Over-ripeness: Cucumbers grow very rapidly. It is important for you to always keep a close watch on your cucumber plants. Pick your cucumbers when they are due and don’t leave them too long on the vine as they may turn yellow. Bacteria and Fungi Issues: Bacteria and fungi issues can cause yellow cucumbers and leave your plants wilted. Choosing resistant varieties is a good solution.

Ideally, when you grow healthy cucumbers, they should be green and about 6 to 12 inches long.

Solutions to Growing a Healthy Cucumbers

Pollination: Pollination issues can be solved by hand pollinating. Identify the male and female flowers on your plant. Pick the male flower and put the pollen grains in the middle female flower. Simple as that. For better clarity check out the video below. Watering: When it comes to watering your cucumber plants, you want to water moderately. Cucumber plants should be watered often but not too much...

Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow

There are also some mosaic-resistant cucumber varieties. So we suggest you go for these varieties when picking the type of cucumbers to plant.