Why Are My Sunflower Leaves Turning Brown

Why are my sunflower leaves turning brown? What can you do if your sunflowers are browning early? Do you know how to tell which flower has been hit by too much sun and is starting to die?

What Does It Mean When Sunflower Has Brown Spots On Sunflower Leaves?

Sunflower, as a species, has a lot to offer as a model plant. Not only does it contain genes that are relevant to humans.

Brown leaves are caused by two things – drought stress and temperature. Drought stress occurs when there is not enough water in the plant to support the growth needed for healthy plant development.

What Causes Brown Leaves on Sunflowers?

How To Stop Sunflower Leaves Turning Brown?

There are two ways to keep sunflower leaves from turning brown in the fall. You can either start harvesting your sunflowers early in the summer and save your seeds, or you can plant an extra early crop.

In conclusion, sunflowers are a beautiful crop for landscaping as well as a perfect centerpiece for a dinner table. However, they can be vulnerable to several environmental factors.


Why Are My Sunflower Leaves Turning Brown