Why Do People Paint Trees White?

Do you ever visit a country or a city only to see white colored tree stumps and wonder why do people paint trees white on the tree trunks? Let’s find out together how to paint the tree bark and the reasons why it is painted in this article.

Why are Trees Painted White?

Painting the tree trunk white is a non-toxic and easy way to protect your plant from different problems. The process is easy, affordable, and needs to be only once per year in extreme weather areas. This is an exercise that anyone can be able to undertake without much hassle.

White color is popular because it is light and does not hold heat in. Any other light color can be of use instead of white to give you the same results. Do not use darker tones because they will absorb heat and cause further sunscald to the tree.

Why Use White Color Instead of Other Colors?

Not every paint is suitable for use on the trees. The proper product to use is water-based latex paint. This paint needs to diluting at the right rate which is 1 gallon of latex paint mixed with 4 or 5 quarts of water.

What Do You Need To Paint The Trees White?

How To Paint The Tree Trunk white

The best application method is by using a paintbrush. Spraying does not provide adequate application and does not allow the paint to stick well to the bark. 1 single coat is enough but in severe cases add a coat to cover the tree well.

Why Do People Paint Trees White?

Trees are a great addition to the environment and we all love the clean air they release for our use. It is important thus for everyone to protect this resource.