Why Do Plants Turn Light Green? 6 Common Reasons

You may have noticed a plant with light green leaves in your garden and are wondering what could be the problem. 

1. Overwatering

Overwatering your plants can cause them to turn into pale green or yellow color and then drop down dead

It is normal for all the plant leaves to grow old and fall off. 

2. Ageing

3. Moving Plant

If you move your plant during its growing season, it’s bound to become stressed or die.

If you provide your plant with too much or too little fertilizer, it can drastically be affected.

4. Issue With Nutrients

A sudden change in temperature affects the plant’s color. 

5. Temperature Changes

6. Insects And Diseases

There are many diseases that make the leaves change color and if not treated as early as they appear can kill your plant. 

Ensure you provide enough nitrogen to all your plants.

Why Do Plants Turn Light Green? 6 Common Reasons

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