Why Is My Agave Plant Dying? How To Save Your Dying Agave

Why is my Agave plant dying? These plants are tough! There are a lot more people out there who want to know how to kill agaves, than how to stop them from dying! 

What Is An Agave Plant?

The agave genus is comprised of distinctive beautiful plants with rosettes of leaves. These plants are indigenous to the Americas but are not spread globally. 

The most common cause of agave plants suffering problems is excess water. The second most common cause is insufficient sunlight. 

Why Is My Agave Plant Dying?

Sunlight and Agave Plants

The majority of agave plants that are cultivated are grown in succulent gardens and are chosen for their low water requirements and beauty.

Agave plants mostly are desert plants – or at least arid environment plants. They have an incredible ability to absorb water quickly when it is available.

Excess Moisture

My advice would be to pull it out, throw it somewhere dry and sunny, place a bit of compost over its roots, and assume it is going to die. It will prove you wrong. 


Why Is My Agave Plant Dying? How To Save Your Dying Agave