Why Is My Calla Lily Drooping?

Have you noticed your calla lily drooping and wondered what is causing it and how can you can help revive it again?

So Why Is My Calla Lily Drooping?

Calla lily drooping is normal in most cases.  They are not dead at all.  Their leaves may appear to be drooping, but in fact, they are just trying to find the right spot to grow.  

The best way to revive your calla lily is to help it spread its roots and let the sunshine on it. When it is warm outside, the calla lilies will be more likely to spread out and grow. Here’s what you can do: ...

How Do I Revive My Drooping Calla Lily?

How Do I Take Care Of My Calla Lily?

Calla lilies are easy to care for, but there are some things that you need to know if you want to keep your calla lily healthy.

When you buy a calla lily from the store, the plant is already potted.  This means that the roots are already in the pot and the soil is moist.

Calla Lily Care Indoors Drooping Plant

Calla lilies have the tendency to droop during the first few years of growth. If they appear to be too upright, it is because they are not growing fast enough to reach the full size they will eventually reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are calla lilies drooping?

Calla lilies should be brought back to life with a good fertilizer, but if that is not an option, you can use a spray bottle with some water. 

How do you bring calla lilies back to life?

How often do you water a calla lily?

The best time to water a calla lily is in the morning, just before sunrise. 

Calla lily drooping should not worry you if your plant is healthy.  As we have seen above, it is a normal stage during the growth of calla lilies.  However, if you notice your Cala lily drooping too much, it could be lacking enough water so its a good idea to water it. 


Why Is My Calla Lily Drooping?