Zinnias Sun Or Shade – What Is The Best?

Are zinnias sun or shade, or what type of climate do they thrive in?  Can they grow outdoors and indoors alike?

Types Of Zinnias

Zinnias are available in a variety of species, with the most popular one being Zinnia elegans.  This type has been bred and produced a great number of unique varieties.

Most planting directions for zinnias on the back of a plant tab or a seed packet advise that you grow your flowers under full sun.

Zinnias Full Sun Or Shade

Why Zinnias Love The Sun

These plants love the full sun as it helps them produce carbohydrates and sugars in their cells, known as chloroplasts.  The chlorophyll in these cells gives this plant a ...

It is possible to grow zinnias in the partial sun meaning less than 6 hours of sun each day.  Zinnias in the shade end up producing fewer flowers and smaller plants.

Zinnias Relationship With Shade

Zinnias are affected by insect problems – aphids, mites and fungal diseases – mildew and black spot.  To prevent these problems, grow these flowers in full sun with ...

Tips On How To Grow Zinnia Seeds

Having the most colourful flower clusters is zinnias.  Not only are they beautiful and bright, but they are easy for a beginner to cultivate.


Zinnias Sun Or Shade – What Is The Best?