ZZ Plant Watering Guide – Moisture And Water Level

It’s a great device to help you monitor your plants’ water levels, especially if you have a large pot or terrarium.

The ZZ plant likes a consistent moisture level of about 60-70%.

What should the moisture meter read for a ZZ plant?

This tool measures the water content of the soil. A reading of 60% means that there’s only half as much water as there should be in the soil.

For houseplants, a good rule of thumb is to add an inch of water per plant each week.

How much water does a ZZ plant need?

If the plant is in an indoor container, add another inch of water each month. 

Can I leave my moisture meter in my plant?

Just place the moisture meter on a clean, dry surface that won’t be submerged in water.

it’s a multi-function tool that includes a moisture meter, hygrometer, thermometer.

ZZ Plant Watering Guide – Moisture And Water Level

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