What Do You Keep In Your Garden Shed? – Extensive List Of The Best Must Own Items For Your Garden

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Last Updated on July 13, 2022 by Griselda M.

When thinking of a garden, especially maintaining it, you must own a set of items that will help you get more efficient and bring out the true set of skills you own. Many gardeners ask themselves what do you keep in their garden shed and the types of tools/items they must own.

Depending on what kind of gardener you are, the set of items can vary differently. However, some core items must be in your collection. When I say core, in other words I mean to pinpoint items that are essentials for your garden, and without them, you would not get called a true gardener.

Today we are going to cover them and many more. With this extensive list, you will get an insight into what you need to become a true gardener and nurture the gardening hobby. These items go from tools that help you plant to items that provide something extra to your garden.

So, let us dive into this list and give you an insight into what you must own to be a proud gardener.

What Do You Keep In Your Garden Shed?

maintainability in your garden

This list is going to help newbies and expert gardeners as well. For a newbie, it is going to be the gateway to a more impressive gardening experience. On the other hand, for the gardening experts, it will function as a list for refreshing their memory and giving them a confirmation of the items that might be missing in their gardening sheds.


A trowel will be used often, especially in the spring, for the numerous digging tasks that do not require heavy equipment. A trowel is ideal for excavating shallow-rooted weeds as well as transplanting seedlings and bulbs. Small hand cultivators, which are sometimes supplied in combinations with trowels, are useful for weeding in confined spaces and between plants that are tightly spaced.

A second practical little digging tool is called a digger (a.k.a. weeder, cultivator, asparagus knife). Most hardware or discount stores have this gadget at a reasonable price. It is helpful for weed removal.


To remove pebbles and other objects from the garden, use a robust rake. Additionally, it aids in seedbed preparation and mulch application.

The size of the rake that is best for you will depend on your size, strength, and intended applications. Avoid selecting a rake that is too heavy since it will exhaust you after only a short time of use. Rakes weigh more as the number of tines rises.


Any garden needs a hoe to prepare the seed bed, get rid of weeds, and break up encrusted dirt. There are several hoe designs. Lightweight and effective for cultivating between plants and opening seed furrows is the pointed hoe with a heart-shaped blade.

The hula, sometimes known as an action hoe, is a lightweight and mobile variety of the scuffle hoe. Newly developing weeds are eliminated, and any crust on the soil surface is broken up, by pushing and dragging it just below the soil’s surface.


What would a garden be without a shovel? This core item is the one you must own in your garden shed. Whether you need to dig and replant or you need to insert some equipment into the soil, the shovel is a must-own item for your garden shed.

Pruning Shears

If you need to cut back some plants, you’ll need pruning shears, which are in other words scissors with some extra powers. They are also known as secateurs, which are used to cut twigs and small branches which can be an inch (2.5 centimeters) thick.

Garden shears, which are a step up from pruning shears, can also be used for various lightweight applications that require a lot of cutting. This two-handed tool is frequently used to trim hedges.


What is so essential about a saw? Well, if you need to cut anything bigger than the average tree, you must own a saw. Other than that, for anything that is related to wood maneuvering, a saw is needed. Whether you need to make some wooden furniture or fix anything that is wood related, a saw is essential.

Measuring tape and meter

What would a garden shed be without a device to measure things around your garden? A measuring tape or a meter is necessary. If you want a more compact device, the meter is the way to go. These can go up to 50 meters (around 164 feet) and consist of a head and aluminum strap that can get retrieved to the head with a push of a button.

Adjustable Tool Hanger

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Watering equipment

For the majority of gardeners, watering is a crucial task. Garden crops are significantly impacted by a sufficient water supply. The availability of facilities, the water supply, the climate, and gardening methods all affect the purchase of watering equipment. Except in extremely drought-prone locations or in the case of a gardener who is entirely reliant on the product of the season, installing an outside faucet near the garden may cost more than the benefits it brings.

When rainfall is sufficient, it is good to use basic watering tools. A garden hose with a fan-style sprinkler will do. For young seedlings, a water breaker is helpful.

However, the local water supply is likely to be insufficient in locations where there are extended hot weather periods without precipitation. In this situation, a drip irrigation system could be preferable to overhead sprinklers because they waste water. Drip irrigation helps to avoid illness by providing water directly to plant roots rather than plant leaves.

Garden Hose

This item is one of the necessities when talking about maintainability in your garden. The garden hose, even though it has a simple use case, is a must in your gardening shed. Always aim to get a garden hose that is long enough for your needs and does not cheap out, the quality of the garden hose is essential for the longevity of your gardening hose.


Pots, pots, and pots. There is nothing wrong with too many pots if you are a passionate gardener. There always is a need for more pots. Without a doubt, you will always have an idea of planting some new flowers, fruits or vegetables. The easiest way to do that is using pots. They are a must-own item in your garden shed if you constantly think of planting and replanting.


Do you wonder why we listed a kayak in this list? Well, you must think broader and use your imagination. Old kayaks can be used in multiple ways in your garden.

You can use a kayak as a storage shed or you can use it for planting different plants inside it. There are many other use cases for an old kayak!

must own item in your garden shed

Electric tools and storage rack

There is a vast variety of electric tools you must own. This is a mini list of items you must own in your on your storage rack in your garden shed:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Grass cutters
  • Hedge cutters
  • Shredders for gardens
  • Garden vacuums and blowers

Paints and brushes

If you want to mark something or even re-paint an item, paints and brushes are mandatory. Keep the brushes in glasses or already used paint cans. For a newbie gardener, there are a few core colors that you must own, red, green, blue, and white. With the mix of these, you can come out with any color combination and use it in any way.

Gloves and gardening outfits

For every gardener, gloves a something they must own. They will keep your hand tidy and help you avoid scratches or burns. Another thing you must own is bottoms with big pockets, to store tools in them.

Lastly, you need to own water-proof boots that will help you get around your garden.

Wooden/plastic containers

We do not need to explain to you why you need these. Keeping your shed organized and tidy is the way to go. So, without wooden or plastic containers you cannot achieve that.

Chairs and table

Do you want to enjoy your garden after a hard day of work? Or, do you have some friends that come over during the summer to enjoy your garden? Then you must own garden furniture such as multiple chairs and a table. We recommend getting a wooden set of gardening furniture to keep the looks unique.

Final Thoughts – What Do You Keep In Your Garden Shed?

The list of items for your garden shed can go on forever. We listed some of the core items that you must own. Always go for the essential things before you start your gardening journey and use your imagination to see the other use cases of other non-gardening-related items.

As always, thank you for reading this article on what you keep in your garden shed. For other gardening-related topics, check our other articles.

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