What To Do With Tree Stumps – 7 Cool DIY Ideas!

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Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Griselda M.

Today, we’re going to be answering the question: what to do with tree stumps? For most people, tree stumps are a rather ugly sight that serves no purpose other than taking up space in your yard. But, when you look at it from a different angle, you’ll find that tree stumps can actually be useful for a lot of things.

A tree stump can be an eyesore and an obstacle in your garden. It’s the first thing most homeowners think about when planning a yard makeover. In other words, the tree stumps can indeed become a problem in your garden, in a way that you wouldn’t be able to handle the tree stump’s rotten odor or even have the tree stump populated by some wild animals.

So, what to do with tree stumps? There’s actually a lot you can do! To help you with the tree stumps, we will give you some suggestions on what to do with them and how to reuse them.

We will list some of the coolest things that you can do with dead tree stumps. Let’s start and dive into the world of DIY tree stump projects – buckle up!

What To Do With Tree Stumps – Removal Tips

If you have tree stumps on your property, you should remove them as soon as possible. Stumps can be very damaging to your land. They can cause erosion, soil compaction, and even damage to your home.

If you do leave them on your property, you might want to hire a company to kill the tree stumps. Or, you could do it yourself. But, if you are planning to do it yourself, there are a few tips that you can follow.

First, make sure that you remove the stumps properly. Cut the stumps down to the ground, so you won’t have to worry about them popping back up later. Then, make sure to dispose of the cut-up stump responsibly. If you can recycle it, that would be a great way to go. If you are not able to recycle it, you could take it to a disposal center. Either way, be sure that the stump is gone.

What’s the Cost of Tree Stumps Removal Service?

The cost of tree stump removal services will vary depending on where you live and how big the stump is. Stump removal costs vary anywhere from $175-$500; with the most common price being around $325. The size of the stump is the first factor that will affect the price.

A large tree stump is usually much more expensive than a smaller one. We advise contacting several companies to find the best one for you.

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Do it Yourself: DIY Projects With Tree Stumps and What To Do With Tree Stumps

1. Woodworking projects

Woodwork requires a lot of cutting and drilling, and it’s not always a simple task. Woodwork is one of the most common home improvement projects, which is why various tools can be used for this purpose. Among them is the tree stump remover machine.

2. Garden planters

When it comes to gardeners, it’s important to be able to properly plant their plants. However, planting a garden can be challenging. When the soil is too hard or too dry, it may be difficult for the roots to grow. If the root system does not grow, then the plant may not survive.

3. Outdoor cooking grills

If you love barbecuing, you’ll surely want to invest in a grill. The best grills for outdoor use can be bought online, or at home improvement stores. However, if you don’t have the cash for a new grill, then you can always make do with what you already have.

What To Do With Tree Stumps- Outdoor cooking grills

4. Firepit

Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular and can provide a great setting for family gatherings. Most fire pits are made from steel and come in various shapes and sizes. They can be built into a garden wall, or be freestanding. There are even fire pits that are made of stone or wood.

5. DIY furniture

Homeowners often want to improve the appearance of their homes by adding furniture or improving the décor of their rooms. However, it can be difficult to find furniture that will look good and last. For those reasons, some homeowners may opt to create their own furniture.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to add a touch of style to your garden or yard. Many outdoor lights are designed for security purposes, which means that they won’t be damaged easily. They can be placed in various places around your garden, such as at the entrance or driveway.

7. Firewood storage

Whether you are living in the country or a city, you’ll still need to make sure that you have enough firewood. If you want to store it, then you can build an appropriate firewood rack.

Conclusion on the Question “What To Do With Tree Stumps?”

In conclusion, there are many ways to use tree stumps in landscaping projects, such as building raised beds and flower gardens. You can also use tree stumps as a source of natural mulch in your garden. When you take care of the stump, the ground around it will become less susceptible to erosion, and it can provide a natural habitat for beneficial insects and other wildlife.

On the other hand, if you want to remove the stumps, you can call a tree stump removal agency. We mentioned the price range and what to expect.

Thank you for reading and I hope this post has helped to answer the question: “What to do with tree stumps?”. Let us know any tips in the comments below.


Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

While it may appear harmless, and you may not want to remove the stump - we always recommend the removal of tree stumps. Not only are they not very aesthetically pleasing, but they can also serve as a safety hazard too. While it's not mandatory, we do advise removing them.

Can a Stump Grow Back Into a Tree?

Many people are fascinated by the stories of trees that grow back after being chopped down, or are damaged by storms or other natural disasters. While these stories may sound like fairy tales, there are a lot of trees that have successfully grown back into their original form after falling victim to extreme circumstances. As long as the roots are still there, it's absolutely possible!

Can You Grow Grass Over a Ground Tree Stump?

If you remove the tree stump or grind the tree stump into the soil and mix it within it, the answer is yes. Otherwise the grass wont have any nutrients to grow.

Is it Better to Grind a Stump or Remove It?

It's best to grind the stump, if possible. That way, you can plant anything in it's place. If you remove it, then you must fill in the hole with some soil mixture and fertilize the soil where the tree stump was before. It's more efficient, and also preservers any wildlife and habitats too!

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