What To Plant With Snake Plant – Companion Plants

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When you think of what to plant with snake plant as a companion plant, it’s best to consider the plants in the list below.

Companion plants bring along beauty and cohesiveness as they grow together.  Companion planting is simply planting two plants together knowing for sure they will not compete against each other but grow cohesively.

You can grow a snake plant with other plants even in the same pot as long as the other plant uses the same growing requirements as the snake plant.

How To Choose A Companion Plant

To get the right companion plant for your snake plant or any other plant, its best to consider the most important factor, which is the growing, conditions. Both plants need to share the growing conditions to grow properly.  They must have the same growing conditions – light, water, and feeding requirements.

Two plants that have different growing needs can never grow together.  One will outdo the other to the point of death.

What To Plant With Snake Plant

Here is a list of what to plant with snake plants.  They include:

1. Variegated Ivy

This is a popular houseplant that is easy to grow and maintain.  Adding this plant to your snake plant will give it a unique look. It can survive on less water once it’s established just like a snake plant.  When growing this plant, allow it to climb on other plants or the wall or support it to make it thrive.  You can also allow it to hang on the side of the pot for that perfect look. Provide this plant with maximum light and water it when the top soil is dry to keep it growing.

2. Calibrachoa – What To Plant With Snake Plant

This is another colorful addition to your houseplants.  It grows up to 8 to 10 inches and spills over the edges of the pot or basket it’s growing in. It blooms in summer with its small flowers coming in different colors. It prefers good sunlight but it grows well in the shade too.  To keep it blooming for longer, you will need to fertilize it regularly to keep it well fed.

3. Bird Of Paradise

This gorgeous houseplant pairs very well with a snake plant.  You can grow this plant indoors or outdoors in the same growing conditions.  Growing them indoors requires medium or bright light conditions. You will need to water these plants regularly but once settled, you can reduce the water so as not to harm them.

This plant has highly textured leaves that make it look elegant and can be used as décor.  Some of its varieties like the orange bird of paradise blooms while others like the white bird of paradise have leaves that resemble palm tree leaves.

Costa Farms White Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia nicolai

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4. Mandevilla Plant

This colorful plant will bring life to your snake plant.  It is an excellent houseplant that blooms in red, pink and white. It is mainly planted as a companion plant due to its flowering ability.  This plant thrives in moist soils but should not be kept wet.

5. Marigolds – What To Plant With Snake Plant

This beautiful plant adds a little sunshine to your snake plant. It is easy to grow and fully blooms in the summer brightening your home.  There are many different marigold plants you can choose from.  Planting this plant together with a snake plant makes it a beautiful sight to look at in your home or garden. These plants will need about 6 hours of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and well-drained soil to thrive.  These conditions are also good for the snake plant.

6. Succulents

Yes, you guessed right, succulents and snake plants do well together.  Adding succulents to your snake plant brings a variety of color, size, and shape to your indoor or outdoor plants.  Succulents love the sun and can do so well with minimal watering. They also enjoy artificial lights making them some of the best plants to have during winter. Watering them often will make them grow fast.  They are naturally slow-growing but can be helped to grow fast by adding fertilizer and water to them.

7. Fittonia – What To Plant With Snake Plant

This plant is a great addition to your houseplants.  It has red, pink and white veins that run through its green leaves.  This plant grown together with the snake plant will make good companions. It has low maintenance requiring low to medium light conditions making it a good survivor during winters indoors.

What To Plant With Snake Plants - Fittonia

Why Grow Companion Plants

Companion plants are a beautiful compilation of both indoor and outdoor. They help you spruce up your spaces effortlessly with fewer pots and many diverse plants.  Growing the tall deep green snake plant with tiny colored succulents is just one way of bringing diverse colors to live plants.

It’s a way to enjoy nature at its best. If you want something more colorful, you can go for other plants that bloom in different colors.  Mixing two different plants is an art that you can practice in any part of the USDA zone you are in.

Lastly – What To Plant With Snake Plants

Learning what to plant with snake plants not only requires knowledge but creativity too. There is no harm in trying out two plants and watching their growth pattern.  Use different color schemes as you choose these plants that have different textures together.  It’s a creative way of experimenting with your garden.

Let’s learn a little more from the frequently asked questions.


Can you plant other plants with a snake plant?

Yes, definitely you can grow other plants with snake plants.  Some of the plants you can grow include the ones from the list above or any other you know of that are not included in the list.

Can you plant snake plants with succulents?

It is possible to grow snake plants together with succulents as they both adjust to each other so well.  Succulents need adequate water and sunlight and so do snake plants making it easy to grow them together.

Can snake plants be planted with spider plants?

Yes, these two plants are closely related in terms of growing conditions and the nutrients needed to grow them. Growing them together is easy and comes with the benefit of having both grow at the same time.

Can you plant 2 snake plants together?

Yes, its possible to plant two snake plants together but you will need to provide adequate water and nutrients to keep them thriving.

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