When Do You Harvest Brussel Sprouts?

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You have probably discovered that it’s fun to grow Brussels but you have to learn when do you harvest Brussels sprouts and how to do it.

Brussels sprouts got their name from Belgium where they were cultivated first in the 16th Century.  Brussels is the capital City of Belgium thus the matching name.

These sprouts are a healthy and nutritious side dish that is enjoyed across the United States.  Learning when to harvest Brussels sprouts is a worthwhile endeavor that everyone who grows them needs to learn.

When Is The Brussel Sprout Plant Ready For Harvest?

Knowing the right time to pick Brussels sprouts is key in getting the most tender, and flavorful heads.  However, planting them at the right time and pruning them is also important for overall good produce.  No matter the variety you chose to grow, there is a right time to pick these vegetables.  Here are few critical points you should observe to learn when to pick.

When Is The Brussel Sprout Plant Ready For Harvest
  • Sprouts are picked 80 days after the first day of planting
  • Picking is best done before the leaves turn yellow and begin to open
  • Ready sprouts should be firm with a diameter of about an inch – these are ready and have maximum nutrients and flavor
  • Picking is done from the bottom up checking daily for more sprouts that are ready
  • Depending on when you planted them, you can wait until there have been 1 or 2 frosty nights to sweeten them. This is known as cold sweetening.
  • Harvest your sprouts in cooler weather
  • When you notice the sprouts forming near bottom leaves, remove the leaves in readiness for harvesting.  Removing the leaves usually helps the sprouts become bigger and healthier as the nutrients are reaching them without hindrance.  You can also remove the heads when you get closer to harvesting them. This strengthens and firms your sprouts even more.

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Planning Your Harvesting Time

Learning when to harvest Brussels sprouts is easy if you know the right time to plant them.   To harvest the tastiest Brussels sprouts, you must plant them at the right time. You can plant your Brussels in early spring, late summer, or early fall.  It is also possible to determine the best time for your region by finding its average first day of frost.

Sprouts are a cool-weather crop with a long, growing season.  They grow from transplants to maturity in 80-90 days.  If you plant them from seeds, they take about 100 – 110 days.

Getting firm and sweet heads will need you to allow the sprouts to mature in cool or frosty weather.  Hot and dry weather makes them bitter.

You can also grow them through winter but must protect them from freezing and getting buried in the soil. To avoid the danger of unpredictability of the weather, you can grow your Brussels indoors.  They will still grow well and thrive.

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Varieties Of Brussel Sprouts Plant

  1. Bubbles F1.  This variety takes 85 – 90 days to mature and tolerates heat and drought and heat. It grows 2-inch sprouts that are resistant to rust and powdery mildew.
  2. Jade Cross F1 and Jade Cross E.  These varieties take 90 days to mature.  It was an all-American selection winner in 1959.  Both varieties are great for windy locations and they are able to resist diseases.
  3. Long Island Improved. This variety takes 90 days to mature.  It is a small but high-yielding plant that stands the wind and withstands freezing.
  4. Oliver F1.  It takes 85 days to mature and produces 1-inch sprouts easy to pick.  It is also disease-resistant.
  5. Royal Marvel F1.  It is an early and productive plant that is resistant to bottom rot and tip burn.
  6. Rubine.  This takes 85 to 95 days to mature.  These heirloom purple plants are late maturing and yield lower than green varieties.  They have an outstanding good flavor.

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Conclusion About How To Grow Brussel Sprouts

Homegrown Brussels sprouts are delicious and growing them for yourself will give you an adequate harvest.  You can try different recipes like simple roasted sprouts – crispy and flavorful and loved by all.

You can look up other recipes online to get a variety of different ways to enjoy your sprouts.  Involving kids in harvesting the sprouts encourages them to eat their greens.

Picking off sprouts or pulling up the odd-looking stems is fun and children can be involved. It is also a beautiful way to create memories with your kids gardening.  Or who said gardening is not a fun family activity.  Make it a family activity to grow and harvest sprouts together and your kids will embrace greens with all of their little hearts.

Are you growing sprouts in your garden?  What’s your favorite way to eat them?  Tell us in the comments below.

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