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When To Plant Pansies - The Perfect Time

When To Plant Pansies – The Perfect Time

It is critical to know when to plant pansy, how long they last, how much water they will require, and everything in between.

Pansies are popular winter plants that remain bright with blooms even in the cold, snowy weather. In order to help them thrive through the worst of the winter conditions, it is critical to stick to a specific pansy planting timetable.

Winter-flowering pansies are easy to grow and a reliable way to brighten up your garden on those dark days. Here is everything you need to know about the best time to plant pansies.

When To Plant Pansies

Planting your pansies early means you will get flowers throughout the winter into the spring. From mid-September to early October, your soil and compost are warm enough from the autumn sunshine. This is the best season to plant pansies.

If you plant your pansies is in baskets, pots, or borders in September they will grow quickly, producing vigorous roots and bushy foliage. The bushy foliage produces more flowers, and because the plants are more robust, they continue to produce more flowers throughout the winter except in the harshest cold season.

Pansies planted late starting from October onwards do not produce the roots or top growth needed to produce flowers throughout winter.

Planting Pansies

November planting as the summer bedding wanes do not allow your pansies to grow more prominent, and their flowering stops’ in the coldest weather.

The planting timetable for pansies creates a dilemma for most gardeners as they do not understand the exact time to plant. Note that the cooler weather with increased rain usually leads to a resurgence of lash growth and extra flowers.

September fancy planting and she was that you get a fresh abundance of foliage and flowers for your winter pansies.

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Starting Pansies From Seed Or Established Plants

It can be tricky to start pansies from seed. It is much easier to buy established plants from a local nursery, so they can also get blooms a lot sooner.

If you want to start from seed, you will need to start your pansy seeds indoors in late winter at least 8 to 10 weeks before the last spring frost for early spring and summer flowering.  Or you can start the seeds in late summer for fall and winter flowering. Depending on the soil temperature, Pansy seeds may be slow in germination, taking anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks.

Set your pansy plants in the ground when it is workable or when the soil temperatures are between 45 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Pansies are able to tolerate a light frost just after planting but try to hold off putting them in the ground affect temperatures are still reaching below freezing.

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When You Can Plant Pansies In Hot September

Some Septembers are hotter than others and feel like the summers are still around. This could cause your winter pansies to set seed early and stop flowering.

Inspect your pansies every week during September and early October to check if any seed pots are forming. If they are developing, snip them off to ensure the plant forms more flowers. Once the weather cools off, and the bees hibernate, the flowers are not pollinated, and your pansies will keep producing flowers.

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When To Plant Pansy – Is October To November Too Late To Plant Winter Pansies?

Winter pansies will flower for most of the winter season and into the early spring, even when planted in late October to early November.

Though these flowers prefer the sun, pansies also do well in partial shade, meaning that even in those darker months, they will still bloom? However, it is worth noting that pansies planted later are less likely to survive harsh winter weather because they have had less time to develop strong roots.

Keep Some Substitutes On The Side – When To Plant Pansy

If you are growing summer-blooming pansies, you can go ahead and have some substitutes for the winter season. The summer baskets and pots usually fade off during October and November. To have continuous and beautiful flowers during the winter months, prepare some fresh pansies in September. Repot the old pansies into 5-inch flower pots that have good multi-purpose compost.

Nurture these freshly potted pansies in a warm sunny spot in the late summer warmth. As your summer plant fades, replace them with your new bigger, and established pansies for the winter. You will be surprised by the impact that these super pansies make and how well they flower during winter.

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Where To Plant Pansies

Pansies are best planted in moist, humus-rich well-draining soils. You can amend your soil using compost or old manure, or fertilizers.

They thrive under the full or partial sun but also cooler temperatures. The best planting site is where they will get morning sun but avoid the afternoon heat.

To give your plants enough room, space them about 7 to 12 inches apart and allow them to spread about 9 to 12 inches as they grow to be about 6 to 9 inches tall.

Potted Pansies, When To Plant

Pansies are also excellent plants for containers. You can use commercially bought potting soil or garden soil.

Plant in portable containers of at least 12 inches in diameter so that you can move them to a cooler area when the sun begins to get hot. In the early spring season or the fall, place them on a south-facing patio that could be a perfect spot.  During the summer, move the pansies to the East side of your home, so they get the morning sun and afternoon shade.

Potted Pansies, When To Plant

Conclusion On When To Plant Pansy

If properly planted and given the proper care, winter pansies can last for 3 years or more. You will still need to water them during winter as they will still dry out. For best results, ensure your pansies are regularly watered.

Check for the dryness of your soil by placing a finger in the pot and watering them as needed. With the correct timetable of when to plant pansies, you will enjoy the beautiful blooms all year round, including the dark days of winter.