Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling: Reasons And Solutions!

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Last Updated on September 18, 2022 by Cristina

Are your aloe vera leaves thin and curling? You’re probably worried that your plant will die. Luckily, the reason can be reversed with quick solutions!

Aloe veras make excellent houseplants but aren’t as carefree as many think. You still need to ensure these succulents have all their needs met. 

In this article, I explain why aloe vera leaves can get thin and curly and how to fix the most common issues. I also added some simple tips to help you take better care of your plant. 

Why Are My Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling?

Aloe Vera is like a little pharmacy in a pot! Healthy plants can offer instant relief when you’re injured or burnt. Reports of headache, stress, and anxiety cures are also on the table. However, if your aloe vera has thin or curly leaves, you won’t experience these benefits. 

Why Are My Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling

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Here are some underlying issues that can cause your aloe vera leaves to start looking like this:

Watering Issues

Watering problems are more common than you might think. If you give your aloe vera plant too much or too little water, it can cause issues. Sometimes these succulents even develop problems if you give them the wrong water. 

Your aloe vera plant may have thin leaves due to underwatering. Their leaves hold water, giving them a plump appearance. If you don’t water your plant frequently, its leaves can get thinner. 

Likewise, overwatering can cause curling. If the leaves have too much water, the weight can get heavy, and they can start curling. 

Potting Issues – Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling

Planting aloe vera in a pot and giving it some sunshine and water isn’t enough to keep it healthy. Even these low-maintenance succulents need the right pot.

A large pot could hold too much water leading to root rot, while a small pot could inhibit healthy root growth. You need to get the right container for your aloe vera and replace it as needed.

Lighting Issues

Aloe veras do fine in shaded areas but still need enough sunlight to help them photosynthesize. You should ensure your plant gets at least 6 hours of direct daily sunlight to keep it healthy. 

Sunburn is another issue to look out for. Too much harsh sun could burn your aloe plant and cause severe dehydration. 

How To Fix Thin And Curling Aloe Vera Leaves

If you notice that your aloe vera has thin or curly leaves, you should immediately identify and resolve the cause! Here are some ways to rescue your plant before it’s too late.

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Fixing Overwatering Issues

The best way to remove excess water is with sunlight. If your aloes are planted in pots, move them to direct sunlight until the soil around them doesn’t feel wet anymore. 

Overwatering can also cause root rot. If your plants have been getting too much water for a few days, you should remove them from their soil to inspect and dry their roots. Remember to cut off the rotten parts so your plant can grow new, healthy roots. 

Fixing Underwatering Issued

If you’ve underwatered your aloe vera, you can save it by soaking its soil. Only do this once!

Give enough water to wet the entire pot or ground surrounding your plant. You’ll know you’ve been given enough water if bubbles start coming through the soil. 

Fixing Sunlight Exposure Issues – Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling

Light exposure problems are relatively easy to fix. If your aloe got too much sun, reverse this by moving it to a shadier area and giving it a little extra water until it’s hydrated again.

Underexposure can be fixed by moving your plant to a sunnier spot. A windowsill with direct sunlight is typically a good place. 

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Fixing Pot Size Issues

Choosing the right container for growing your aloe veras is important. 

If you’ve been using a pot that’s too big, you should remove your aloe plant and check if it has rotten roots. Prune any rotten roots and repot your aloe into a smaller pot.

Small pots can cause rootbound aloe plants. Repot your plant into a bigger container if this happens to your plant. Remember to fix the roots first before replanting this succulent. It’s easy to gently untangle roots with your hands. 

Tips For Growing Healthy Aloe Veras

  • Set a reminder to water your aloe vera. This will ensure it stays hydrated!
  • Place your pot on a windowsill with direct sunlight for a perfect lighting balance.
  • Use a 50:50 mix of potting and regular soil for healthy root establishment and growth. 
  • Don’t add other plants to the pot your aloe vera is in. They don’t like sharing. 
  • Skip the chemicals and use organic fertilizers only. Aloe veras don’t do good with synthetic stuff. 

In Ending – Aloe Vera Leaves Thin And Curling

Regularly checking in on your aloe vera plants can help you spot issues before they worsen. If your aloe vera has thin or curly leaves, acting quickly can recover it to a healthy state. Typically, the problem is related to watering, lighting, or soil needs. 

Once you’ve identified what’s causing your plant’s sad appearance, you can use the easy solutions available. Depending on how severe your aloe vera’s condition is, you’ll see an improvement within a few days.

I hope this article was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it. If you have more questions about keeping your aloe veras healthy, ask them in the comments.


Why are my aloe vera leaves so thin?

If your aloe vera has thin leaves, incorrect lighting conditions, irregular watering, and insufficient nutrients could be the cause.

How do you fix thin aloe leaves?

The best way to fix thin aloe leaves is to identify the cause and tackle it accordingly.

How do you make aloe vera grow wider?

If you plant your aloe vera in a container slightly wider than its base, it'll gain width. Alternatively, plant it directly in the ground.

Why is my aloe thin and droopy?

Thin and droopy aloe vera stems could indicate dehydration. Healthy aloe leaves should be plump.

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