Causes Of Dark Green Aloe And Possible Remedies

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The Aloe plant has been in existence for a long time and they are one of the most popular types of houseplant known all over the world. The plant is easy to grow and maintain but you may still encounter some problems. Dark green aloe may be one issue that is having you worried. So, this is what we will be delving into here.

Aloe plants can face various issues. Dark green aloe is quite a common problem and there are reasons why your aloe plant may be turning dark green. But do you know if this is a serious problem or if it can be fixed? We will find out soon.

But some may wonder if aloe plants turning dark green is even a problem to look at because after all, the plant still remains green. However, when the aloe plant begins to turn dark green, it may be a sign of an issue to take note of.

Let’s simply look into the common reasons why your aloe plants may begin to change to dark green color and discuss how it can be fixed.

Dark Green Aloe

When your Aloe Vera plant begins to change to dark green, it may have you feeling baffled. Dark green is a common issue that anyone can face for having an aloe plant at home.

The good thing is that there are reasons for it and it is usually remediable. So, let’s look into the causes and find the solutions.

Dark Green Aloe

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Reasons Why Aloe Vera Plant Turns Dark Green And Solutions

Before you begin to search for solutions to why aloe plants turn dark green, you need to first determine the reason why this is happening.

Below are some of the major reasons for dark aloe green and solutions to it.

1.    Over-watering

It should be common knowledge that desert plants such as aloe can tolerate less watering. So, this means over-watering can become an issue for them.

Even if you grow aloe plants in any other areas apart from the desert where they originate from, the plant still remains a desert plant.

Now, when you over-water the plant of aloe, the plant begins to show dark green mushy leaves. Over-watering the plant causes it to absorb and try to store more water in its leaves. This makes the plant absorbs more water than it can assimilate.

So, this situation stresses the aloe plant and causes the cell of aloe to burst due to water stress. This can cause you to notice dark green as well as a squishy appearance with your aloe plant.


If you’re able to notice this issue on time, then there is a higher chance of saving your aloe plant. What is required is sticking to the ideal watering rules.

So, to water your aloe plant the appropriate way, make sure the soil of the aloe plant has dried out for at least 2 or 3 weeks. After this, you should water your plant at regular intervals about once every two weeks.

In all these watering, ensure you’re using well-draining soil and make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes for easy flow of water.

Also, take note that over-watering your aloe plant promotes fungal diseases such as root rot.

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2.    Temperature Instability

During summer periods, the plant of aloe vera thrives well at room temperature. But when the winter period comes, the plant should be kept in a cool place with a temperature of about 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the plant is exposed to chilly or freezing cold temperatures, the juice contained in aloe leaves is affected. For this reason, the plant tissue can get damaged and causes discoloration that often leads to dark green leaves.


During extreme temperature fluctuations during the day and night, ensure you keep your aloe plant safe so they don’t get hurt.

Go further by keeping your aloe plant safe and warm during freezing temperatures. Avoid leaving your aloe vera outdoors after watering during winter because the water can freeze and cause damage to your plant.

3.    Overdose Of Potassium

Too much potassium in your aloe plant can cause dark green color. It can also lead to problems in the absorption of elements like zinc, magnesium, boron, and so on.


You can help the situation by using fertilizer for your potting mix and this fertilizer will prevent the accumulation of any elements such as potassium.

Again, you should loosen the soil and water generously and ensure water drains out of the pot. This will ensure that the excess fertilizer washes away from the soil.

4.    Too Much Nitrogen

When there is too much nitrogen present in the aloe vera plant, the plant can start to turn dark green with the lower leaves changing to dark green first.


To resolve an excess supply of fertilizer, the thing to do is to balance it. You can mulch the potting soil as this can help in reducing the overdose of nitrogen in the soil.

5.    Deficiency In Phosphorous

Although this condition is not so common, it can also cause dark green aloe plants. Deficiency in phosphorus usually occurs on light acidic soils that have low levels of organic content.


If you want to resolve deficiency in any nutrients, in particular, it’s best to make use of organic fertilizer. For instance, bone meal, manure is an excellent sources of phosphorous meant for plant soil.

Final Remark

Dark green aloe has different causes and you can resolve the issue if you can correctly identify the issues. You can grow aloe plant and avoid any issues if you can always provide the right growing requirements.


Why is my aloe vera so dark green?

Your aloe green can become so dark due to some reason. Some of these reasons can be over-watering, excess nitrogen, fluctuation in temperature, excess potassium, or deficiency in phosphorus.

How do you make aloe vera green again?

You can make your aloe vera green again by simply cutting back their leaves to encourage more growth of leaves, then the plant can recover.

Why is my aloe plant turning dark green?

One major reason why your aloe plant is turning dark green is because of over-watering. So, the plant begins to change to dark green and becomes squishy.

How to grow dark green aloe vera?

If you would like to grow dark green aloe vera, then you can do the things that will make the plant become dark green. Things such as providing excess nitrogen, over-watering, fluctuating temperatures, and so on can help you achieve a dark green aloe plant.

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