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Best Rabbit Repellant Best Way to Repel Rabbits

Best Rabbit Repellent: Best Ways to Repel Rabbits 

While rabbits may be cute and lovely creatures, they are not at all friendly to your garden plants. Rabbits especially the ones who live in the wild tend to cause a lot of havoc in the garden. So, what is the best rabbit repellent?

Leaves and fruits are a good source of food for them to munch on. This is why it can be difficult to get them out of your garden.

What is the Best Rabbit Repellent?

We know how serious you take your gardening. This is why in addition to sharing with you the best products available to repel rabbits, we will also be highlighting some of the best ways to repel rabbits from your garden.

Without wasting more time, let us dive right in. 

What is the Best Rabbit Repellent?

Best Rabbit Repellent: Are They Effective?

Repellant spray, when used properly, is effective in eliminating pesky rabbits from garden plants. Rabbit repellent is a good way to provide young plants with all the time they need to grow.

Rabbits love to nibble on the leaves and flowers of young plants. Using the best rabbit repellent on your plants may be the most effective method in keeping rabbits away from your garden.

If there is one thing particular about rabbits, is they sniff around a lot. This means that using sprays with an offensive odor on your plants can deter them from feasting on your crops.

Best Rabbit Repellent: Shopping for a Rabbit Repellant?

It can be difficult to find the best rabbit repellant to use in your garden. Especially if you haven’t purchased one in the past before. Finding the best product for you depends on a lot of factors. But we find this three to be the most important of them all

  •  The type of plant you have in your garden
  •  Organic or inorganic
  •  Fits into your budget

Before you decide on a product, you need to first check that it is safe to use on the plants in your garden. You also want to decide whether you want to buy an organic product or you are comfortable with using chemical-based products on your plants. Once you got this figured out, you can now settle for the one that fits into your budget with the other two criteria.

The Best Rabbit Repellant

Finding the best rabbit repellant can be a bit of a difficulty due to the multitude of products available to choose from. This is why we have taken the liberty to review three of the most popular products according to online ratings

Plantskydd Organic Rabbit Repellant

If you are in the business of using only organic products on your garden plants, then you can opt for this one. In addition, to be effective in eliminating pesky rabbits from your garden, it also works wonders with deer, beaver, porcupine, moose, and voles.

When used in the growing season, it can stay effective for up to three months. But you will need to apply it continuously with every new growth.

Plantskydd Organic Rabbit Repellant

Enviro Pro Rabbit Repellant

This is equally an effective rabbit repellant you can apply in your garden. No mixing is required before use and it is equally non-toxic to pets and humans. So you have nothing to worry about when it is applied to your garden.

Just like all other rodent spray or granular repellant, you will need to apply the product regularly for the best results.

Enviro Pro Rabbit Repellant

PredatorGuard Deer and Rabbit Repellant

This deer repellant is made in the USA and from all-natural ingredients. It also has a pleasant spice smell and is long-lasting. This is due to the fact that it is available in pouches that are resistant to the rain.

It is easy to use; all you need to do is to stake or hang the repellant pouches close to plants you need to protect.

PredatorGuard Deer and Rabbit Repellant

Best Ways to Repel Rabbits

Now that we have looked at some of the best rabbit repellants, we can now discuss some of the best ways to repel rabbits from your garden.

Build a Fence

Building a fence around your garden can be an effective way to solve the problem of rodents in your garden. With a fence installed, you get to eliminate rabbits, deer, and other animals from eating your plants.

Rabbits can’t dig deeply, neither can they jump very high. So with a wooden or barbed wire fence around your garden, you can also be certain that you wouldn’t have to deal with rabbits anymore.

We understand that building a fence might be quite expensive, but it is always a good investment in the long run.

Best Ways to Repel Rabbits

Use a Plant Cage

Placing a cage over your priced plants can be an effective method to prevent pests from ravaging them. This could also serve as a cheap method compared to building a cage.

You can purchase a few cages to protect your plants from rabbits and squirrels.

Best Rabbit Repellent: Natural Repellants

Apart from branded rabbit repellants, there are other natural methods you can employ to get rid of rabbits. Remember that we earlier mentioned that rabbits sniff around a lot and can’t stand the pungent smell.

Natural repellants such as coyote urine and blood meal can also be sprayed around your garden to keep rabbits out.

Consider raising a Dog

You can also consider having a pet dog to help with the security around your garden. The mere presence of a dog in your garden can scare rabbits and other rodents away from your plants.

Although compared to other methods, it can be a burden and additional expenses to take care of a dog. But if you don’t mind having a pet dog, you can definitely explore the option.

Best Rabbit Repellent: Natural Repellants


Rabbits are a menace to your garden plants and they need to be taken care of. This you can easily do by making use of any of the three best rabbit repellant products we reviewed. 

You can also try any of the methods we outlined in the best ways to repel rabbits from your garden.

How do you deal with rodents in your garden? We will like to hear from you.


What smells deter rabbits?

Some unnatural substances can deter rabbits from entering your yard or garden, like ammonia and peppermint. However, natural substances like cinnamon bark and clove oil work just as well as the artificial ones do and are much safer for you and your home.

The odor that rabbits detect is a combination of two chemicals, which are thiols and phenols. Thiols are found in decaying vegetation, whereas phenols are found in flowers and plants.

How do I stop rabbits from pooping in my yard?

The first step to ensuring that you deter rabbits from pooping in your yard is to use scents and repellents. However, these methods are often ineffective. The second step is to make sure that your home smells like prey. If you have no other option, you can use a motion-activated sprinkler that will spray water at the rabbits when they enter the range of the water's spray.

It’s very important for homeowners to make their yards less desirable for rabbits because they don’t just poop on your lawn, but also dig holes and leave droppings all over your property which can cause diseases and damage plants and trees.

Deterring rabbits from pooping in a yard does not have to be complicated or expensive, but it does take some effort on the homeowner.

Does Irish Spring soap repel rabbits?

Irish Spring soap is a brand of soap that is primarily marketed in the United States. It was first introduced to the market in 1882.

The most successful advertising advertisement for Irish Spring says that it is the “best for tough jobs” and it has a “long lasting tough-as-nails formula.” The ad also says, “You know what they say about Irish Springs: they don't stop, they don't quit and they never give up."

In recent years, many people have noticed that rabbits seem to have a strong aversion to Irish Spring soap. They will run away when given a chance and if you put any pieces of soap in their vicinity, they will drop whatever they are eating and run away as fast as possible.

The oils used in the soap disrupt the rabbits’ sense of smell and this makes them change their behavior towards other foods that might be near the soap.

In conclusion, Irish Spring soap is an effective way of deterring rabbits from entering your garden without harming them or your plants.

How do you repel rabbits naturally?

There are a few things that you can do to prevent rabbits from invading your garden. One thing is to make sure that you get rid of any fruit tree leaves, because they provide cover for rabbits and they will nibble on them. Another thing is to plant area-of-effect plants like dandelions, which the rabbits find unpalatable and won't eat them.

There are many ways in which humans have tried to repel rabbits from their gardens over the years. The most popular method has been using a rabbit trap or snare, however these methods often don't work as well as we would like.