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How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden?

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden? Best Natural Deer Repellents

You need to be smarter than any group of deer if you’re to stand a chance of protecting your prized roses and hostas.  This is because each year, these unwanted guests could visit your garden and devour your plants before you even get the chance to see and enjoy them.  This can be utterly frustrating because you might grow tired and helpless as you watch them ravage everything to the ground. Thus, you need a natural deer repellent.

But, what if I told you that there is a way in which you could actually stop this from happening? That you could actually use some online products and tactics to outwit them? If you do believe this is possible, then this post is actually for you, as I have meticulously compiled the best products and scare strategies, mostly from expert gardeners, which will help in deterring any deer away from your yard.

Best Natural Deer Repellent
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As in any war, you need to know your enemies vividly. And in this case, the deer is your enemy.  Thus, you must be able to detect their moves, know their preferences, strengths, and also their weaknesses. It’s quite simple when you hit them where they are vulnerable, you’ll win. 

So, here are the best 4 natural deer repellent measures I deem effective, affordable, and environmentally-friendly, which can help in stopping these garden invaders from taking full control of your rightful territory.

Grow Deer-resistant plants

When it comes to food, just like us humans, deer have preferences.  They eat what tastes, smells, and feels good. Sally Morgan, a gardener states for a fact that “ Deer are reluctant to walk through lavender, as the smell that sticks on their legs makes it hard for them to sense their predators.  She added that “The unusual smell also interferes with their ability to find and assess their environment.” 

Thus, avoid plants on their menu and instead, go for plants that give off a strong, repugnant smell, with a fuzzy texture like the lamb’s ear and prickly ones.  Note, even though most roses have thorns, they are their favorites. So if you can’t help growing them, like me, consider getting some extra protection. 

Try these Deer-resistant plants:

  • A) Stokesia (Stokesia ‘Honeysong Purple’)
  • B) Deutzia
  • C) Obedient plant
  • D) Coneflower
  • E) Mealycup sage
  • F) Garden phlox
  • G) Lily of the Valley
  • H) Chaste tree

Best Natural Deer Repellent


I suggest you follow on YouTube any DIY clip of a deer repellent spray with great offensive odor like that of or, buy any commercial spray made from natural ingredients such as I Must Garden Deer Repellent or Deer Off available in most garden centers like Lowes, Home Depot, and WalMart. They are also available online at  

However, make sure you read the label for proper use and disposal.  And it is a must that they are safe on edible crops and environment-friendly, too.

Create Barriers

If you can’t stop deer from eating almost anything in your garden, barricade them. Block their view with a solid fence that will obstruct their view. Of course, they can’t eat what they don’t see. 

You can achieve this by putting up a layer of fence high enough(about 8 ft), which they can’t jump into. The author of Dad’s Trick, suggests the “fishing line trick” based on the fact that deer eyes are not cut to have a clear, focused vision on something right in front of them, contrary to their keen sense of smell and hearing which is better than yours. 

Best Natural Deer Repellents Create Barriers


Also, you can also install a deer-proof electric fence.  Paul D. Curtis of  instructs that we can prevent deer invasion through a simple electric fence which sends an initial shock ,not fatal but sure enough to scare these intruders away.

Scare Tactic

Sound, particularly of high-frequency, is capable of stopping deer from feasting into your plants.  Just like the barks of your dog can scare another, the clash of empty cans, when you tie them along your fence, alongside deer repellents in the market such as the Havahart  Spray Away 2.0 Motion-Activated Sprinkler,  which detects movement with infrared technology through a blast of water and sound,  these animals will scamper away. Havahart Spray Away2.0 Motion Activated Sprinkler is effective not only on deer but also on bunnies and pesky critters.  It’s adjustable, easy to set up, and environment friendly. You can buy it anytime at

Natural Deer Repellent: What Works, Fits Best

Don’t just settle for one product or strategy.   A single spray or fence is chicken feed for these relentless garden invaders.  Your consistent actions and firm determination to steer them away will be paid off.  Spray religiously, not only as needed; be flexible in your choice of plants; stay vigilant.  Finally, take full control of your garden!

Feel free to ask questions if you find this post helpful.  Don’t hesitate to comment. 


How do I keep deer out of my vegetable garden naturally?

First, you will need plants that deer do not like such as herbs and vegetables that deer cannot eat. Next, create physical barriers such as fences, hedges, and trees. Finally, put up an offensive smell or sound that will deter the deer from entering your garden.

What do deer hate the most?

Deer are animals that can cause a great deal of damage to your garden and landscaping if you leave them unattended. You might think that deer don't care about plants, but they actually hate the smell of plants.

Deer hate the smell of mint, so all you need to do is put some mint leaves into a pot with water and leave it by your door or windowsills, and they'll run away from that smell. You can also plant mint around other plants or in between rows of flowers - deer hate that too! Some deer repellents can be used as well as traps to keep deer away from your garden without harming them. It's important to remember not to put out food for deer or feed wild animals in order to avoid attracting unwanted guests into your home.

Does vinegar repel deer?

Vinegar is a natural deer repellent. Probably the smell of vinegar drives deer away for the same reason that people use it as an insecticide and as a cleaning agent.

In order to make sure that your garden is safe from deer, you should make sure there are no sources of food nearby. You can also sprinkle vinegar around to drive them away.

It is a widely used weapon to deter deer from entering gardens in the springtime when they are hungry and looking for food. Vinegar can be mixed with water to make a spray that is effective at this time of year (when deer are more likely to come).

Deer repellents can be purchased online or at gardening stores, but an effective deterrent is vinegar mixed with water as a spray.

Does Irish Spring soap repel deer?

Irish Spring is a brand of soap that claims to repel deer. Does it actually work?

Irish Spring is a brand of soap that claims to repel deer. Does it actually work? Irish Spring is a soap that comes in bars, liquid, and bath salts. It has also been known as one of the most expensive bars of soap on the market. The ingredients for the best-selling bar include glycerin, water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and the fragrance Irish Green Tea (a mixture of lime peel oil and melon). The company originated from New York in 1892.

Yes! Irish Spring does indeed repel deer away from your property or garden with its smell!

Will moth balls deter deer?

Moth balls are a popular scent used around the home to deter deer and other unwanted animals. Deer are very sensitive to smell and they can detect these scents from miles away.

Does coffee grounds repel deer?

It is well-known that coffee grounds are quite toxic. They are a source of harmful chemical compounds and can be quite dangerous when ingested by humans.

However, we cannot always trust what people say they know. While most people believe that coffee grounds repel deer, it has not been proven yet.

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