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Best Rat Poison That Won't Harm Other Animals

Best Rat Poison That Won’t Harm Other Animals

Are you looking for the best rat poison that won’t harm other animals especially your pets yet it will eliminate the rodents? A rat infestation is the worst nuisance you will ever face in your home. Rodents pose a health risk to your family and damage your property.

When considering ways of destroying these rats, you have to be sure that the methods you use will not have an adverse effect on your pets. Some rodent control methods can have adverse impacts on your pets. In most cases, dogs have often been the victim of secondary poisoning.

Rodents poison is one of the top 10 dog killers in the US. The severity of this poison depends on the type of rodenticide used and the amount ingested. Please note that even a small amount of poison can cause severe problems or death to your pet.

What’s in Rat Poison?
Best Rat Poison That Won’t Harm O...
Best Rat Poison That Won’t Harm Other Animals

There are two types of rat poisons:

  • One uses anticoagulants like warfarin, bromadiolone, and brodifacoum. The concentrates are designed to cause the rodents or any other animal that eats them to bleed internally. That means any pet or child who ingests this poison, must get immediate medical attention or else die.

What’s in Rat Poison

  • The second type of poison is made with Cholecalciferon, Bromethalin, and Phosphide. These components have the ability to kill within several hours. This poison is used to eliminate other pests like cockroaches as well. The longer the rats remain in your environment before they die, the higher the chance of leaving the harmful bacteria behind.

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How Do You Use Rat Poison That Won’t Harm Other Animals?

  • By Eliminating the Source of Attraction for the Rodents

The rats in your home are there because there is an available source of food or water. Identify these and remove them completely. Pet food left outside attracts rats. Unsecured trash cans and containers when left unattended also attract rodents. If the sources of food and water are away, the rodents will move to another place to look for the same. This is the first most important way to end rats from your home.

  • Use Non-toxic and Pet Safe Rat Traps

For some eliminating rats is the first thing on their mind. But they don’t think through their method of eradication. To ensure safety for your pets even as you end these pests, use non-toxic rat traps like the A24 rat and mouse trap. These traps have a small opening to attract rodents to the bait.

The opening is wide enough to allow the rodents in but too small for dogs to reach the bait. When a rodent enters the trap, it triggers an immediate CO2-powered blow that kills it immediately. This non-toxic trap is self-setting meaning it will set itself every time. This A24 trap is useful for both outdoors and indoors and lasts longer. The trap is ideal because it can be set up in the barn or the house and leave it there. It will reset after every kill with each CO2 canister able to go for up to 24 kills.

Once the rodent dies, discard it. Since it is killed at once, there is no mess created compared with other traps like glue or snap traps. This trap gives you peace of mind in knowing your pets and children will not come into contact with rat poison o unsafe traps.

Goodnature A24 Home Trapping Kit


3) Use Electronic Rat and Mouse Traps 

There are other traps that kill rodents by electrocuting them. The rodent is killed inside the trap leaving you with no mess to clean. Built-in sensors are designed to detect an intruder and deliver an electric shock. The trap has a light that notifies you once the rat is dead. The trap must be emptied after each kill!
  • Use the Good Old Method

Traditional methods still apply in this modern-day because they were effective on rats yet safe for pets. These traps include: glue traps, snap traps, and keeping cats that prey on rats. These are the cheapest methods to end rats and mouse infestation. But they are not as effective when dealing with a large scale of rodent infestation. These traps need constant monitoring so that the rats killed can be disposed of. It can also be gruesome to watch the rats dying which is quite inhumane.

Pet-friendly Rat Poison Final Words

When choosing a method to remove rodents from your home, it is best to choose one that is eco-friendly and humane. The methods you use should be able to protect your family and ensure your pets are out of danger.
Choosing non-toxic rodent traps is also emotionally relaxing for you. You don’t have to deal with messy situations or gross deaths!