How To Get Rid Of Voles

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Let’s talk about how to get rid of voles. Voles are little rodents that look like a mouse. When they invade your garden or lawn, they can be pretty problematic because they can cause a lot of damage to your garden.

Identification of Voles

The first step is identifying the presence of voles. You may have heard of getting rid of moles, but not so much about voles.  Have in mind not to confuse voles with moles.

It is important for you to be able to differentiate and identify voles from moles or other rodents to know the right elimination method.


Signs of Voles Activities on Your Lawn or Garden

The signs of vole activities in your lawn are actually easy to identify.

Unlike moles that are mostly carnivores that feed on larva and insects which are helpful in eliminating pests. Voles are mainly vegetarians just like some other rodents. Voles will chew through the grass blades of your lawn, stems, seedlings, and roots at the same time increasing in population.

  • They will burrow short tunnels. They can create tunnels that will lead to your plant root system and they will cause injury to small trees and shrubby their chewing system. This might cause the small trees in your yard to begin to lean over.
  • They can as well chew part of your root vegetables, or carrots, and the likes.
  • They can also chew part of your flowers.

How to Get Rid of Voles

  • Traps: if your area is small, you can make use of a mousetrap to get rid of voles. Set the trap close to the entrance of their tunnel. Use peanuts butter as a bait trap. The trap should be preferably set around midday or early evening during the time the voles are active. Repeat setting the traps to catch as many voles as you can until total elimination.

Caution: when you make use of traps, try to cover the trap a little to protect pets and children from accidentally falling into them.

Kensizer Voles Trap

  • Pets: another way you can get rid of voles is by introducing pets that can attack these voles. Examples of these pests are cat ratter or a dog ratter.
  • Attract predators: you can also attract some predators to your yard to prey on these voles. Examples of these predators are hawks, snakes, owls, and foxes.
  • Eliminate their tunnels: reduce any chances voles can burrow in your yard. Collapse and fill any tunnel you may find. This will reduce their hideout.
  • Vole repellent: you can try some vole repellent to chase voles.

Mole and Gopher Repellent

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  • Rodent or Vole poison: rodent poison can as well be used to get rid of voles. Just be cautious of other beneficial animals, pets, and children from accidentally consuming the poison.

Additional information on How to Get Rid of Voles

After successfully getting rid of voles, you need to imbibe some maintenance and preventive measures to prevent re-invasion of voles. Here are some of the things you should do:

  • Voles thrive in an unkempt heavy bush area so always try to keep your lawn tidy and clean at all times.
  • Weed your yard when necessary and get rid of plant debris.
  • Always mow or trim your grasses when necessary.

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