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The Best Watering Globes To Invest In 2022

The Best Watering Globes To Invest In 2022

It is essential to keep your plants hydrated by using the best watering globes that help provide enough moisture to the plants.

Watering is one of the most important tasks that you need to take care of while growing a garden. To help water the plants, you need to have a watering globe or a watering pot. Plants require water to survive and grow. So, it is very important to water the plants regularly. If you are not careful about it, you can damage the plant and even kill it. You can choose from a wide variety of watering globes available in the market.

Features Of The Best Watering Globes
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The best watering globes for plants are those which have a small footprint and do not require a lot of space. The best watering globes are the ones that can be used in the garden and in other places where you need to water plants, such as the balcony. When choosing a watering globe for plants, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Size: The size of the watering globe depends on the type of plant and how much water you need to supply it with. For example, if you have a plant that needs daily watering, then the watering globe should be large enough to fit it. A large watering globe will allow you to water a larger area at once.
  • Shape: The shape of the watering globe should be such that it can be placed in different locations in your home. For example, if you have a balcony, you will not be able to place a regular watering globe there because it would take up too much space. However, a spherical watering globe will allow you to place it anywhere.
  • Water flow: If you want to water your plants at the right time, then you need a watering globe that allows you to do this easily.
  • Timer.  A globe that has a timer built into it will help you to know when to water your plants. It will also help you to avoid over-watering them and causing them to rot.
  • Location: If you are planning to use your watering globe outdoors, then make sure it has a cover that protects it from rain and direct sunlight. Also, be sure to place the watering globe in an area where it won’t be affected by wind.
  • Weight: This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a watering globe. A heavy globe will not move around easily, and it may fall over if there is a sudden wind. So, make sure you buy a globe that is lightweight and that can easily be moved around.
  • Quality: Make sure you get a globe that is made from high-quality materials. You don’t want to get a globe that is just a cheap plastic toy that will break easily.
  • Warranty: The warranty of the watering globe should be for at least one year so that you will not have to worry about it breaking down in a few months.

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Are watering globes worth it?

A List Of The Best Watering Globes

Mushroom Terracotta 3 self-watering globes

These mushroom Terracotta self-watering globes come in a set of three colored blue, green, and red.

These globes are made of terracotta which is a clay-like ceramic the same material as pots. Terracotta is an organic material so the globes work best with your plants without damaging them.

Each globe holds up to 260 ml water enough for your plant for 5 days.  You don’t have to take it out to refill, you can use your watering can or hose to pour the water in.

The mushroom terracotta watering globes are made for larger pots because their width requires that you dig a wider hole so they can fit.

Bottom line, these globes are a great choice for your garden especially if you like to keep everything eco-friendly and add some color to it.


  • It is durable – made of terracotta ceramic material
  • Provides you with at least 5 days of watering
  • Easy to refill without removing it from the soil


  • These are meant for larger pots

KikiHeim self-watering globes

The KikiHeim self-watering globes are made from clear glass and shaped like a bird.  These are cute for anyone interested to have some beautiful globes in their pots or gardens.

They are available in a set of two and are smaller than typical glass watering globes in the market today.

These globes are best for smaller pots and can supply your plants with water for the next 1-2 weeks.  They are best to use when you leave for a holiday as they will keep your plants well supplied.

They are easy to set up, simply dig a hole and place the 12-inch spout in the hole and pour water in.  You only need to fill them with water using a hose or watering can without removing them from the soil.

These globes are transparent so it’s easy to see how much water is left and monitor how much water your plants take in every day. Handle them with care not to break them as they are made of thin glass and are fairly fragile.


  • Transparent allowing you to monitor your watering process.
  • Offers you with 3 weeks of self-watering
  • Are easy to set up.
  • They come in a pair


  • Very fragile, handle them with great care

Final Words

The best watering globes for outdoor plants are the ones that do not require you to fill the globe with water every other day. Large plant watering globes have a reservoir where the water is stored, and as long as you don’t run out of water, you can leave it in place for several days without having to empty the reservoir. This way, you don’t have to worry about your plant not getting adequate water when you are away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are watering globes worth it?

Watering is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lawn. However, when you water the grass with a sprinkler, you are also applying water to the soil surface and allowing the rain to soak into the soil. However, if you want to help your lawn stay green all year long, you need to use more than just a sprinkler.  Watering globes are best used in individual plants and are worth every investment as they provide water for an extended period.

Are watering globes good for all plants?

While most watering globes are designed for ornamental plants, you can use them to water any plant that needs constant attention.  Some watering globes come with a good reservoir to keep the water running for several days or weeks.