Do Asiatic Lilies Bloom All Summer?

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Do Asiatic lilies bloom all summer or do they start early and end midway before the sunny season is over or does it last the whole season?

Asiatic lilies are true lilies loved for their showy blooms and easy management. They are among the hardiest of all the hybrid lilies.

They come in a variety of colors, color combinations, and are among the first to bloom among the rest of the lilies.

Once established, Asiatic lilies (Lilium Asiatic) are the easiest to care for.  They are disease-resistant and easy to manage and still manage to get blooms year after year.  Asiatic grow in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 9 but they are not a true member of the lily family.  They belong to the genus – Hemerocallis that makes them have a different blooming season than the true lilies.

Do Asiatic Lilies Bloom All Summer?

Asiatic lilies have flowers that open towards the sky with blooms that have a wide range of colors.  They are often freckled or dotted with black spots. Each stem is long, lined with small, thin leaves, and topped with a clump of large flowers.

These plants are loved for their bloom that lasts all summer.  They have blooms that start late spring and last up to mid-summer.  These flowers do not have a fragrance but they are still are desirable to most gardeners.

Most Asiatic lilies bloom in May or June depending on the cultivar and climate while others bloom in July.

Care For Asiatic Lilies

  • These lilies grow best in zones 4 through 9 but can still grow in zones 3 but with winter protection.
  • They require well-drained soils or their bulbs will rot.  Plant them in holes that are about 3 times deep as the height of the bulb.
  • These lilies thrive in full sunlight and rich acidic soil.
  • You can encourage re-blooming by gently removing the flower heads when they start fading but leave the stems and foliage to die back to the ground on their own.  This helps the bulb gain all the nutrients back slowly by slowly.

Types Of Lilies And Their Bloom Time

Besides the Lilly Asiatic, there are other different types of lilies with a specific bloom time. With careful planning, you can enjoy bloom all summer long by planting different varieties.  Let us look at the different types.

Asiatic Lily

These are common and popular for their early bloom and they are easy to grow.  They bloom from early to midsummer and have beautiful flowers that face upward.  The flowers come in a variety of colors ranging from pink, white, vivid yellow, red, and orange.  These flowers are a favorite for most florists even though they have no scent.  Their mix of colors stands out in most arrangements. The Asiatic Crete lilies are deep pink in color and bloom from June to July growing up to 3 to 4 feet tall. The Asiatic enchantment lilies grow up to 2 to 3 feet tall with an orange bloom that comes in June.

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Trumpet Lilies

These beautiful flowers bloom from mid-summer to the end.  They are tall trumpet-like flowers growing that do well in USDA hardiness zones of 5 to 9.  They produce many blooms about 12 to 15 blooms per stalk and have a wonderfully heady, sweet fragrance.  The Trumpet Regale lilies produce white blooms early to late summer and they grow up to 3 to 4 feet.  The Trumpet Rising Moon grows up to 3 to 4 feet tall and produces pastel yellow blooms with pink edges blooms in mid-summer.

Oriental Hybrids

This type is the end-of-season plants that bloom mid to late summer just when the Asiatic lilies are fading off. They are always a striking choice with tiny 2 footers and 8-feet tall giants.  These are great for patio for the shorter ones or garden for the taller type.  These flowers have an intoxicating fragrance adored by gardeners who grow them.  Their fragrance intensifies after dark making them even more attractive.

These lilies produce large white, pink, red, or bi-color flowers that make wonderful cut flowers that fill every room and heart with their spicy scents. Oriental Black Beauty lilies produce dark red blooms in late summer and grow up to 5 to 6 feet tall. The Oriental Casa Blanca is a short type growing up to 4 to 5 feet tall with white blooms coming from August to September.

Oriental Hybrids Lilies


Do Asiatic lilies only bloom once a season?

I can tell you for sure that they will bloom in June or July. They don't bloom every year as some people think. The plant has a large bulb with a long stem and leaves.

The leaves are on the top of the stem. It's called a bulb, but the flower is actually on the end of the stem. The bulbs are usually brownish yellow with white streaks and it looks like a big pumpkin.

Are Asiatic lilies perennials or annuals?

There are several varieties of asian lily that are perennials. They grow in zones 8 through 10. I have found that they grow best with a little fertilizer, but I have not noticed any difference between the annual and perennial varieties.

Do Asiatic lilies multiply?

Yes, it is possible.

You should keep the soil moist and fertilize regularly. When the plant blooms you will get new blooms and your plant will continue to grow and bloom.

How long does a lily bloom last?

The time it takes for a lily to bloom depends on its species and size. When you purchase a lily, you can expect it to be in bloom for up to three weeks, although most varieties don’t bloom for more than one week. In the wild, lilies grow and bloom during the summer months. But they are easy to grow indoors year-round.

There are three main types of lilies: spring, summer and autumn. Spring lilies are typically the earliest blooming varieties and are best for early spring planting. Summer lilies are the most popular variety in the garden. These lilies bloom from early summer through late fall. Autumn lilies are the most recent varieties, but these can be planted anytime of year.

Are Asiatic lilies winter hardy?

They do. It would be fine to plant them in late fall and just leave them where you want them until spring. You could mulch them with straw or something, if you like.

What do lilies need to grow well?

Lilies are easy to grow and they thrive in average soil. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil that is not too wet or dry. They also need good air circulation to promote healthy growth. When choosing a variety, make sure the bulbs are firm, and avoid any that have soft spots or other damage.

1. When planting lilies, you’ll want to ensure you plant them in an area that has been prepared properly. The ground should be prepared with a weed-free mulch layer and should have a pH of around

2. If the soil is already too acidic, you may want to add lime to raise the pH.

You can buy lime from your local garden center or a home improvement store. Alternatively, you can mix your own by adding lime to your compost pile. If the soil is too alkaline, you’ll want to add some form of nitrogen to raise its pH. 3.

Asian Lilies Conclusion

The Asiatic lilies do not last the whole summer but their beauty is attractive enough to make you plant them.  To get an all-around summer bloom, we advise you to mix up the varieties so you can have early, mid and late blooms filling your garden and making your home look and feel beautiful.  Have a flower-full summer with these blooms!

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