Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

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Do ferns attract mosquitoes is what we will be discussing in this post. Some plants tend to attract mosquitoes and promote the breeding of mosquitoes while some may even repel mosquitoes. Growing this type of plant can prove worrisome because of how they heavily attract mosquitoes. But is fern part of the type of plant that attracts mosquitoes? We will find out soon.

You may be new to growing ferns at home or you’re considering growing ferns. Then you may have concern about if this plant has the ability to welcome mosquitoes.

Fern plants have so many species and some may attract mosquitoes while some other fern varieties may even repel mosquitoes.

In this guide, we will be addressing any concerns about fern plants attracting mosquitoes and suggest some things you can do to deal with the issue.

Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Do ferns attract mosquitoes is the question we would like to answer. In the actual sense, some ferns variety can attract mosquitoes while some other varieties of ferns can even repel mosquitoes.

So, the fern variety that attracts mosquitoes usually depends on the situation of the plant or the growing conditions or environments. Be it indoor or outdoor, your fern plant may attract mosquitoes if they are not properly taken care of.

Ferns Attract Mosquitoes

For instance, when your fern is grown close to standing water or a moist environment, it can attract mosquitoes and at the same time encourage the breeding of mosquitoes. So, if your indoor or outdoor environment where you are growing your fern plant is constantly wet or there is the presence of standing water, it can promote or attract mosquitoes.

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Fern Repelling Mosquito Variety (Azolla) – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Fern plants have different species and there are some fern varieties that help can repel mosquitoes. This type of fern variety is known as Azolla filculoides or it can be simply referred to as Azolla.

This Azolla is native to California and it is a genus of seven species of aquatic ferns in the family Salviniaceae.

This type of fern may not resemble or even look like other typical ferns. Their resemblance is similar to duckweed or some type of mosses. The Azolla fern usually starts off as a small quarter-inch and it can double in size in just a few days.

This plant usually grows in water because it is an aquatic plant. Azolla fern grows in a thick carpet manner and this fern plant is regarded as a mosquito fern plant simply because it repels mosquitoes. It even repels the attempt of these mosquitos when they try to lay their eggs in water.

Initially, this fern mosquito plant gives the color green. But as time goes on, the color tends to turn into reddish-brown hue and this is a result of bright sunlight or too much nitrogen.

You can find a red carpet or a green carpet mosquito fern in most ponds or muddy banks. Or you may find them in areas such as stagnant water in streams.

However, one major drawback of this super plant is that it is more of an invasive weed.

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Sweet Fern Repelling Mosquito – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

One fern-like plant that can repel mosquitoes is the sweet fern (Comptonia peregrina). This type of fern-like is a small shrub and its leaves have this sweet smell thereby giving them the name sweet fern.

The scent of this sweet fern plant can repel mosquitoes. But if you want a more effective mosquito repellent using this sweet fern, it is recommended you toss a few of the leaves into the fire. Doing this will release a scented smoke that can repel mosquitoes.

You should however note that sweet fern is not really a fern but it is a low-growing shrub that looks like a fern and this plant tends to release a pleasant fragrance especially when you crush them.

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How To Reduce Or Prevent The Attraction Of Mosquito To Your Plants – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Be it fern or any other types of plants, there are some conditions that may expose and attract mosquitoes to your plants. But the good news is that there are things you can do to discourage or prevent the mosquito from coming close or breeding in your plant.

  • Avoid Planting Close To Stagnate Water: mosquito loves standing water and they like to breed in these conditions. Therefore, make sure you check all your surroundings and ensure there is no stagnate water close to your plant.

  • Reduce Moisture Level In Your Plant: when your soil is waterlogged or your plant is constantly wet, it can encourage or invite mosquitoes to the plant. Therefore, make sure that the surface of your soil is dried out before you wet them. Also, avoid wetting your plant body but aim your watering towards the soil.

  • Give Your Plat Some Air And Bright Sunlight: you can provide your indoor fern plant with some air whenever you see the soil is too wet and they may be attracting mosquitoes or even other bugs. Also, provide the wet fern plant with some bright sunlight by moving your potted fern plant to a sunny spot so it can dry out faster.

  • Throw Away Infested Plants: although this might sound like a drastic or harsh thing to do. But if you already have an infestation of mosquitoes, you might consider throwing the plant away. Then you can start afresh and strictly follow the rules of maintaining a moist free fern plant.

How To Reduce Or Prevent The Attraction Of Mosquito To Your Plants

Final Thoughts – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Even though some fern varieties can attract mosquitoes, you can still minimize or prevent such situations by strictly following a moist free environment for your fern plants. This is because mosquitoes thrive in a moist environment or standing water. So, do all you can to reduce their chances.


Do ferns repel mosquitoes?

Just a few species of fern plants have the ability to repel mosquitoes. Some examples of these fern repelling plants are Azolla and sweet fern.

Do mosquitoes breed in ferns?

Mosquitos can breed in fern if they are encouraged to. There are some things or situations that can cause these mosquitoes to be bred and one of them is water or moisture. So, when your soil is constantly wet and you have a surrounding that has standing water, it can encourage mosquitoes to breed in your fern plants.

What plants attract mosquitoes?

Some of the plants that attract mosquitoes include water lilies, water hyacinths, taro, papyrus, flowers, water lettuce, and so on.

What smell mosquitoes hate?

The sense of smell that mosquitoes have is very strong and this is because they use it to source for food. So, there are some smells that mosquito dislikes and some of them include the scent of lavender, catnip, rosemary, pine oil, and cinnamon bark oil.

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