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Do Jade Plants Need Direct Sunligh

Do Jade Plants Need Direct Sunlight?

Do jade plants need direct sunlight or do they grow in partial sun or shade? Let’s learn together the perfect weather conditions required to grow these plants.

Jade is a name used for many different plants of the Crassulaceae family. This plant, also known as the Jerusalem artichoke, is native to South America and Mexico. It can grow to a height of about 30 cm (1 ft).

The plant has long, pointed leaves, which are dark green in color. It also has small, yellowish flowers with long stamens. In addition, this plant has a fleshy tuberous root that is edible. The jade plant has been used in folk medicine for various ailments such as diarrhea, fever, and coughs. It has also been used in cosmetics.

So what are the growing conditions for this plant?  Does it need shade or sun?  Let’s get to learn.

Do Jade Plants Need Direct Sunlight To Grow?
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Jade plants require sunlight to grow. Jade plants enjoy a good amount of sun and shade at the same time. That’s why its possible to grow these plants indoors and outdoors

The best time for them is between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you have a dark room or a window that faces east, you can get the best results from your jade plants.

However, did you know you can grow them indoors as long as you provide a source of light?

Jade Plants Need Direct Sunlight To Grow

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Growing Jade Plants Outdoors

To successfully grow jade plants outdoors, you will need to provide the perfect growing conditions for this plant.  These conditions include

  • Sunlight.  Jade plants require sunlight that is directly above them at least 8 hours a day to help them get all of their nutrients.
  • Temperature. You must ensure that the temperature is between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (23-29 degrees Celsius).  This temperature range is ideal for most plants and they will be able to receive the correct amount of sunlight.
  • Sufficient Water.  The plant should receive at least one inch (2.5 cm) of water a week. Make sure to water the plant in the evening so that the water drains through the soil and not through the leaves.
  • Soil. You will need to provide a soil mixture that consists of 1/3 sand 1/3 peat moss 1/3 perlite This is an ideal soil mixture for jade plants and you can purchase it from your local gardening store.
  • Fertilizer.  This plant needs to be fertilized every week with a fertilizer that contains slow-release nitrogen.  You can purchase this fertilizer from your local garden store.
  • A Potting Mix.  If you are growing jades in pots, you can purchase a potting mix from your local gardening store. The mixture should consist of: 1/3 peat moss 1/3 sand 1/3 perlite.

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Do Jade Plants Need Direct Sunlight

Growing Jade Plants Indoors

Jade plants can grow both outdoors and indoors.  Let’s learn the conditions required to grow them indoors.

  • Location.  The first thing you need is a place where you want to grow your plants. You can choose any place in your house or outside the house but make sure that it has enough light and is cool. You should also ensure that it is away from direct sunlight. Now you can start growing your plants.
  • Container Size. You will need a container of some size to grow your plants in. Make sure that it is big enough to hold all the plants.
  • Fertilizer. You should use a good amount of fertilizer in the container. Fertilize them once a month ensuring that the amount is enough for all your plants.
  • Potting Mix.  Next, add soil and place the plant in it. You can use a mixture of peat and sand as the soil.
  • Watering. Water your plants well, and do not let them dry out. If you do not water them regularly, they will die very soon. You should water them every two to three days.
  • Re-pot. When your plants get too big, you should re-pot them. This will help them stay healthy and grow properly.
  • Fungicides. Your plants may become infected with fungal diseases if you do not use fungicides. These diseases will weaken your plants and make them look sickly. If you see any spots on your plants, you should spray them with a fungicide.

Conclusion – Do Jade Plants Need Direct Sunlight?

The process of growing jades is easy as long as you provide the right growing environment. Learning do jade plants need direct sunlight helps us understand the right growing conditions for this plant.

You must remember that a jade plant needs proper light, so it can grow and expand. In order to grow a good-quality jade plant, you must not give it direct sun exposure. When we grow jade plants indoors, we must provide them with indirect sunlight for most of the day.

If we want to grow a jade plant indoors, we must ensure that the room temperature is between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature must be set at this level to make sure that the jade plant grows well. You must ensure that you also provide enough humidity in the room. Another important thing to consider when growing jade plants is that they need water on a daily basis. They need to be watered every day in order to grow well. You must also ensure that the jade plants get enough fertilizer.


Can a jade plant survive without sunlight?

Yes, it can. However, you should ensure that the soil is well-drained to prevent soil waterlogging.

Can jade plants grow in shade?

Jade plants are known to be very tolerant of low light conditions. In a shady location, however, they may need to be protected from direct sunlight. It is best if you can keep the sun off your jade plant during the hottest part of the day. During winter, they may benefit from a warmer temperature and indirect light. 

Do jade plants like full sun?

Jade plants prefer light shade to full sun but can also thrive under partial sun and shade.

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