Learn What To Do With Aloe Vera Flowers

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Do you know what to do with Aloe vera flowers when they bloom or do you just leave them to go to waste?

The Aloe vera plant has a long history of use. In ancient times, the plant was used as an ingredient in ointments and lotions. The leaves of Aloe vera were used to heal burns and cuts.

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for many ailments. Today, the Aloe vera plant is still used for its medicinal properties. What is Aloe vera? Aloe vera is the scientific name of a perennial succulent herb that is native to the Arabian Peninsula. It is a very easy plant to grow and is a great addition to any garden.

In ancient times, it was used as an ingredient in ointments and lotions. Its leaves were used to heal burns and cuts. Today, the Aloe vera plant is still used for its medicinal properties.

What To Do With Aloe vera Flowers?

Aloe vera has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and is now used as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical products. This plant is one of the many plants with natural substances that contain active ingredients and have therapeutic benefits. Aloe vera is a herbaceous perennial plant with an erect stem, reaching up to 2 feet in height.

The Aloe vera plant is used in many beneficial ways but the aloe vera flowers are least talked about.  The Aloe vera flowers bloom and are generally yellow.

What To Do With Aloe Vera Flower

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Health Benefits Of Aloe vera Flower

The Aloe vera flower contains many health benefits for you and your family that include:

  • Anti-oxidant.  Antioxidants help the body to fight against free radicals and which are responsible for many different health problems like heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. 
  • Contains a high amount of vitamin A and minerals. The aloe vera flowers also contain vitamins A, B, and C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.
  • Skin problems. Aloe vera flower has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to heal skin problems. There are many compounds in the gel that are scientifically proven to help healing and compounds in the flower that work together.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory. It contains saponins which are compounds that can help in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Ailments. Aloe vera as a whole has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments.
  • Antibiotic. It is a natural antibiotic, and it can help with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems.

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  • Natural anti-fungal. It has been used as a remedy for candida, ringworm, and other fungal infections. Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It helps to clear up wounds, cuts, and burns.
  • Natural anti-histamine. It helps to ease allergies, colds, sinusitis, and other respiratory conditions.

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How To Use The Aloe vera Flower

When your Aloe vera plants bloom, get ready to harvest them.  You’ll want to make sure you dry your flowers properly before using them in any way so that they don’t go bad quickly. The best thing to do is to cut off the stem from the bottom of your plant and hang it upside down somewhere out of direct sunlight.

This will allow for air circulation around your flower and prevent it from rotting.  The flower should last up to a month if you keep it in a cool, dark place. 

Aloe vera flowers are used in many different ways as we have seen above.  An example of one way to use your dried flowers, make Aloe vera flowers tea using the flowers and the Aloe vera gel.  Mix one teaspoon of dried flowers and leaves with half a cup of boiling water and let it cool.  Add one tablespoon of Aloe vera gel to this mixture.  Drink this tea three times a day for a week or more.  The gel plus the flowers are very effective as an anti-inflammatory.

Does All Aloe Vera Bloom?

Yes. Aloe vera is an aloe, and aloes by definition are flowering plants. Sometimes, if you manage to expose the aloe to very unpleasant conditions it may take a while to bloom. But it will bloom. These plants are indestructible.

The majority of aloes use photoperiod triggers to determine when they will flower. If you live in an area where you have to implement supplemental lighting for your indoor aloes this may inhibit flowering. To trigger flowering, drop the photoperiod to the 10 or so hour of light range and leave it as such for a month or two, and then increase it to 11 hours. This should mimic the natural triggers in the Arabian peninsula. In my area, Aloe vera planted outdoors appears to go into flower as the photoperiod passes around 10.5-11 hours a day.

How Long Does Aloe Vera Take to Flower?

My general experience with most aloes that grow from cuttings is that they bloom within a year or two, a maximum of four years. Aloe vera is a fast-growing aloe, so depending on your climate and your gardening acumen you can expect flowers in two to four years. If you bought a large plant, it could flower in the first year you plant it.

There is however a possibility if you are growing your Aloe vera indoors that it will not flower as they need a photoperiod trigger – the length of light they receive per day –  to induce flowering. You may find in your area that the light fluctuations over a season may be too extreme.

Final Thoughts On What To Do With Aloe vera Flower

This article gives you the information you have probably been searching for for a long time.  If you’re interested in the use of Aloe vera flowers for health purposes, this article will help you make practical, natural remedies.

The truth is, the use of Aloe vera has been practiced since antiquity and it is one of the oldest known remedies for many health conditions.  Its health benefits cannot even be described in one article.  Now you know what to do with your Aloe vera flower, go ahead and use it as you wish.

How To Use The Aloe Vera Flower - What To Do With Aloe Vera Flower


What to do with the aloe vera flower after it dies?

The aloe vera plant is succulent. It needs a lot of water during its growth and development. After the plant has been harvested, you can cut off the leaves and use them for decoration or put them in a vase with fresh water. They will last for several days.  Or you can wait for the flowers to bloom and harvest them for use as described above.

Can you use aloe vera flowers?

Aloe vera flowers have many health benefits such as being an excellent vitamin and mineral source, provides treatment for various skin conditions and improve overall health.

What can you do with aloe vera flower?

Aloe vera is used to make many herbal teas or remedies both for topical and internal remedies. The remedies are soothing and healing for the skin and also contains antioxidants. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for burns, cuts, ulcers, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It’s also used internally to promote digestion, treat ulcers, reduce swelling and promote healthy blood flow.

Which part of aloe vera is used?

The flowers and the leaves of the aloe vera plant are used. From the leaves you get gel. The gel is made from the latex, or clear fluid, which oozes out of the leaf after it has been cut and separated from its central column.

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