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Does Money Plant Need Sunlight - The 5 Perfect Spots For This Plant

Does Money Plant Need Sunlight? The 5 Perfect Spots For This Plant

Deep beliefs of prosperity are connected with this plant, but before getting your hands on one, check does money plant need sunlight or shade.

There are several money plants around the world. Some are native to Europe and others to Asia, but the Pachira Aquatica is native to Central and South America. The legend implies that a man prayed for wealth, and the tree was an answer to his prayers. He grew and sold so many money plants that he got rich!

In Feng Shui, money plants are believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and positive vibes into your living space. Fun fact: the beginning of the year is considered the best time to get a new money plant for your home. Before running to the garden center, check our advice on where to position your new addition.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

The money tree has big leaves, a slim trunk usually braided, and can be a great bonsai tree. However, in its natural habitat, it can grow up to 60 feet. When potted and kept inside, it’s significantly shorter. The Pachira Aquatica is a tropical plant mainly growing in wet areas around Central and northern South America. The lowest temperature this plant can tolerate is 60℉.

Broad leaves, tropical temperature, so does money plant need sunlight? The money plant thrives in full sun, but it can also grow in partial shade.

Do Money Trees Need Sunlight

Money Tree Sunlight, Temperature, And Water

You can find colossal money trees along river banks and rainforests, so you already know it requires humidity. Keeping it a little thirsty is better than overwatering when it comes to watering. A soak every once in a while will be very beneficial.

Does money plant need sunlight? Yes, but not direct. Placing your plant in front of a window will dry up the soil and the plant itself. If you’re stuck with this position, you need to switch up the watering schedule and mist the plant regularly to avoid drying.

The money plant is not cold-hardy. Outside, it thrives in USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 12. Inside it can be grown anywhere as long as you keep the thermostat at 60℉ and the humidity on a moderate level.

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Where To Position The Money Plant

We already answered does money plant need sunlight, but a few more conditions make the position perfect. Remember how the legend goes; as the money tree grows, so does your prosperity. So let us help you pick the best spot for your new plant.

1. East-facing Rooms, Offices

The sun rises in the East, so the money plant enjoys the sunlight from dawn when positioned near an east-facing window. The early sun is cooler so even if the plant is closer to the window, it won’t get damaged.

However, as the day progresses, the sun moves upwards, so the plant won’t receive more than 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight. This is not a problem for the money tree as it can grow just as good in partial shade.

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Does Money Plant Need Sunlight

A good spot for the money plant is an east-facing office. According to Feng Shui, this position promises wealth and prosperity.

2. Southwest-facing Window

Southwest windows are perfect for indoor plants. If you wondered does money plant need sunlight all day, the answer is no. But full sun helps it grow bigger and encourages new foliage. At this position, the plant can absorb more energy from the sun. However, you need to protect it from burning by placing it further away from the windows.

3. Away From Draft

Not only does money plant need sunlight, but it also needs adequate humidity. It will suffer some leaf loss when placed near the draft, whether from air conditioning or entrances.

The money tree thrives in high humidity. Keeping it away from constant air circulation and misting it regularly supports its growth.

4. Never In A Bathroom Or Bedroom

Bathrooms tend to have high humidity, but they’re often dark and with constantly changing temperatures. No matter how much sunlight your bathroom receives, keeping your money tree there is not good.

According to Feng Shui, you shouldn’t mix money and love, so the bedroom is out of the options. Bedrooms also tend to be a little cooler and darker, which is an added reason to avoid putting your plant in there.

Never in a Bathroom or Bedroom

5. In A Room With Constant Temperature

The money tree can survive temperatures as low as 50℉ and as high as 100℉. But this causes stress to the plant, which results in damage. Restoring it to its previous healthy growth can take a lot of time. Pick a room where you strive to keep the temperature constant like an office or your living room.

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Money Tree Direct Sunlight And Burning

While questioning does money plant need sunlight and how much exactly, you might go overboard and burn its leaves. Too much direct sunlight will deprive the leaves of moisture, turn them brown and crunchy. On the other hand, lack of light causes yellow, droopy leaves.

Finding the balance is essential before it’s too late. Brown leaves are not always a sign of too much sun; they can also be caused by overwatering.

How To Revive Burnt Money Tree Leaves

Burned leaves won’t go back to their previous form. You need to prune them and make space for new growth. Then transfer the pot to a new location that provides a good mix of light and shade during the day. This will help the leaves restore some moisture and still absorb energy.

Don’t put the plant near a window with direct bright light. Allow a few weeks for new growth. Then you can add some fertilizer to boost the plant.

Final Say: So, Does Money Plant Need Sunlight?

It’s easy to get confused with the amount of information online. When asked does money plant need sunlight, expert landscapers recommend a healthy combination of indirect light and shade.

When growing the money tree inside, go for an east-facing window that provides cool sunlight during the first part of the day. A well-developed money tree is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to your home. The perfect position will provide it with exactly what it needs.