How To Make Lucky Bamboo Grow More Branches

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Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Cristina

How to make lucky bamboo grow more branches is an essential guide to help you grow this plant in a better way.

Lucky bamboo is an indoor plant that comes from China. The lucky bamboo plant can grow up to one meter or more, but it may grow less than that, depending on the conditions you provide.

When growing your lucky bamboo plant at home, sometimes you will find there are not enough branches on the plant, and it does not look good. If this happens, don’t worry because this guide will help you know How to make lucky bamboo grow more branches so it seems healthier and neater.

How Do I Make My Lucky Bamboo Bushy?

Sometimes you might feel disappointed when you see your lucky bamboo doesn’t have too many branches or leaves like before, even if you already give it sunlight for several hours daily. This means that something is wrong with the growing conditions of your plant. Let’s look at several ways to improve these conditions to favor your plant.

    • How to make lucky bamboo grow more branches starts by making sure it has all the nutrients it needs. Lucky bamboo absorbs water and minerals from its pebbles, so taking some time to replace those pebbles might help a lot in achieving their goal of making your plant grow better and faster.

    • Another successful way is to change the plant container. Change your container every once in a while because it can affect how your plant grows. If you love your plant and want it to grow well, taking care of the soil will help. The soil condition also affects how fast or slow your lucky bamboo grows. So, you need to make sure that your soil is moist but not too wet.

    • Provide your plant with enough sunlight. You can place your plant in a window where it gets enough sunlight every day.

    • Provide enough water to make lucky bamboo grow more branches. The amount of water you provide will affect how fast your lucky bamboo grows. Water your plant at least once a week and use filtered tap water if possible.

How Can I Make My Lucky Bamboo Grow Faster?

There are so many ways to make lucky bamboo grow more branches faster.  Let’s look at several critical ones.

Costa Farms Lucky Bamboo Live Indoor Tabletop Plant

How To Make Lucky Bamboo Grow More Branches
    • Change the Location of Your Plant. One way is by changing its site where you place your plant to get enough sunlight exposure every day. Different kinds of plants need different daily exposure to direct sun rays for them not just to grow fast but to have better quality.

    • Adjust your Watering Schedule. How often you water your plant also affects how quickly it grows. Ensure that the container has holes at the bottom so that water can easily drain out, instead of keeping the pot always wet, which may cause root rot and other fatal diseases for lucky bamboo plants.

    • Provide enough Nutrients. Lucky Bamboo needs potassium and iron for it to grow faster, which is why we need organic fertilizers or any other fertilizer that contains these two components.

Maintaining Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

Maintaining your lucky bamboo plant requires you to provide proper care for your plant. Provide enough sunlight, water, trimming, and nutrients, and no doubt your plant will thrive. Generally, every plant must receive appropriate care and maintenance. This plant is a low-maintenance one and thrives with little care.

Lifestyle maintenance of your lucky bamboo plant is possible for every gardener whether new or seasoned.

Maintaining Your Lucky Bamboo Plant


How to make lucky bamboo grow more branches is an essential guide on how to help your plant grow well and maintain its good look. Making lucky bamboo grow faster is must-know information for those who want their plants to grow as fast as possible. How often you water your plant, provide enough sunlight exposure, and other factors also affect how quickly it grows.

The condition of your plant will also affect how happy and relaxed you feel, especially if it’s a lucky bamboo which is known as an effective therapeutic plant. If you love your plant, doing these steps can be fun and easy to do!


How long does it take for my Lucky Bamboo to grow?

The time it takes for lucky bamboo to grow fully depends on several factors, such as which type of lucky bamboo you have, its location, lighting conditions, etc. But generally speaking, the height of the plant can increase up to 1 meter over one year.

How do I make my lucky bamboo thicker?

There are several ways how to make your lucky bamboo thicker. You can use tree trimming and pruning techniques, like cutting the edges of the plant with clean, sharp scissors. How often you trim the stalk also affects how thick your lucky bamboo will be. Using fertilizers with high potassium levels can help make your plant thicker because this nutrient strengthens structures like stems, stalks, and roots.

Will my Lucky Bamboo grow more shoots?

Lucky Bamboo is a kind of bamboo plant whose shoot grows every year during the time of spring. However, not all are allowed to grow shoots because some are harvested before they are given chances to grow shoots. How to make your Lucky Bamboo grow more shoots depends on several factors, like the type of lucky bamboo plant. How often you trim it also affects how many shoots it will grow.

Can I cut my Lucky Bamboo?

Yes, some people recommend that you should cut your lucky bamboo as part of how to make it stay shorter. Some types may grow faster than regular plants if they have enough room for their roots to spread out more. However, it's always better not to cut any parts of the stem since some people don't know how to prune this plant.

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