Get To Know If Foxgloves Poisonous To Touch

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One common biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial plant is foxgloves. It is mainly from Western Europe and they are characterized by their lovely flower spikes that can reach up to 6 feet high. But this is a common question often asked amongst people: foxgloves poisonous to touch?

You may often wonder if foxgloves are safe to be touched or if they will cause any harm to you and your pets. Finding out if foxgloves are poisonous is important so you can make plans or decide if you want to grow this plant in your garden or not.

So, if the question about if foxgloves plant is poisonous bothering your mind, we’ve got the answer for you here. All you need to know about foxgloves will be discussed here so continue reading for some insight on this.

About Foxgloves

Before we look into if foxgloves are poisonous to touch, let’s briefly look into what this plant is all about.

Foxgloves fall under plants that are toxic. But they are beautiful flowers of clusters of tubular shapes of blooms in lovely colors such as pink, purple, white, lavender, yellow, and red. This variation in colors and attractive style can make it a great choice for decorative purposes.

This plant loves to thrive well in full sun to partial shade than full shade and this depends on the summer heat.

About Foxgloves

Foxgloves plants are hardy in gardening zones 4 through 10 than in areas that are hot, they prefer more midday and afternoon shade for good performance. If the summer is very hot, the foxgloves plant will require more shade.

You can grow foxglove plant from seed and it will give rise to blossoms in the second year. If the flower heads of foxgloves are not removed, then the plant can reseed themselves in a more splendid manner.

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Are Foxgloves Poisonous To Touch?

The truth of the matter is that foxgloves are indeed poisonous to touch. Although you may not experience an immediate reaction when you touch them, the toxins from touching them can still be transferred to other parts of your body such as the eyes and mouth. You could even transfer the toxins to an open wound.

All the parts of foxgloves plants are toxic and the poisonous parts include the seeds, the pollen, the flowers, the leaves, and the berries. No matter the state they are in (either fresh or dried) they can prove toxic.

For the reason above, it is recommended you put on a pair of gloves whenever you find yourself handling foxgloves.

Furthermore, if for some reason you find yourself touching the plant, it is important you wash your up immediately and thoroughly to prevent yourself from toxin exposure.

So, we now know that foxgloves can be indeed poisonous and can cause some health problems. So, make sure you take some good precautions to reduce exposure or contact with this plant.

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Is It Safe To Plant Foxgloves In The Garden?

Even though the truth of foxgloves being toxic sounds scary, there are some people that would still like to know if it can be safely planted in the garden.

Fortunately, you can safely plant foxgloves in your garden. You just need to be careful when you are coming close or interacting with the plant. So, you can still enjoy the pleasing and beautiful foxgloves plant in your garden.

Additionally, since you have plans of growing foxgloves in your garden, you should be informed of the poisonous effects and be enlightened on how to prevent these side effects.

If you have kids and pets in your home and you’re worried about how to keep them safe from foxgloves exposure, you can do some things for them to be safe. Try to plant your foxglove out of reach of pets or kids.

Excelsior Mix Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea – Live Plant – Quart Pot


Avoid growing this plant anywhere near pavements. This is because there might be more chances for kids to touch or even swallow any part of the plant, so, plant foxgloves away from pavements.

You can as well surround your foxglove plant with nets or thorny bushes. You should also constantly remind your family to keep off the plant and tell them how poisonous it can be.

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Uses Of Foxgloves – Foxgloves Poisonous To Touch

Even though foxgloves can prove poisonous to touch, there is still some good side to them such as in the aspect of medicinal use. However, you should desist from self-medication of foxgloves because it is poisonous.

The parts of the foxgloves plant that grow above the ground can be used for medicine and chemicals are derived from foxgloves plant. These chemicals are then used to make prescribed drugs known as digoxin. The main source of this digoxin drug in the United State is Digitalis lanata.

The drug derived from foxgloves is mostly used for heart failure and fluid build-up in the body (congestive heart failure or CHF) and irregular heartbeat (arterial fibrillation).

The digoxin chemical can improve the strength of heart muscle contractions, and it can help change heart rate. It can also help increase the blood output of blood.

Uses Of Foxgloves

Side Effect Of Foxgloves – Foxgloves Poisonous To Touch

Here are some side effects that foxgloves can cause:

  • Skin irritation can be an effect when you come in contact with foxgloves.
  • Nausea can be a side effect of foxgloves.
  • It can cause headaches.
  • Diarrhea is another side effect of exposure to foxgloves plant.
  • The side effect of foxgloves can result in sensory retardation.

Touching foxgloves can cause some issues then consuming foxgloves can also cause serious problems. So, make sure you completely avoid eating foxgloves even when the seeds are ripe and looking enticing to consume.

Final Thoughts On Foxgloves Poisonous To Touch

We can see now that foxgloves can be pretty toxic to humans as well as animals. Even though this plant looks very attractive, you should still take some good precautions before handling them. So, ensure you put on a pair of gloves while you touch or handle this plant.


What happens when you touch a foxglove?

When you touch foxgloves, it may cause some allergic reactions. Even if you don’t experience an immediate reaction, you can still transfer the toxins from your hands to other parts of your body such as your eyes, mouth, or even an open wound.

Are foxgloves dangerous to humans?

Yes. Foxgloves plant can prove toxic to humans especially when you come in contact with it. They can pose some health issues to humans and even pets. This is why we strongly advise you to make use of some gloves if you find yourself handling this plant.

How much foxglove is fatal?

Foxgloves can prove very poisonous or fatal. If you ingest just 5 grams of dried or 2 grams of fresh leaf, it can cause very serious health risks or even death. This plant is even more poisonous right before the seeds ripen.

Can foxglove be absorbed through the skin?

Yes. It is possible for foxgloves toxins to be absorbed by the skin when you come in contact with it. For this reason, we recommend you wear protective clothing and use gloves anytime you handle this plant.

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